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How to Choose the Best Integrated Development Environment

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs

Curious about which IDE you should go with? Pick up a few tips on how to choose the best integrated development environment, from Expect Labs’ Software Engineer, Suvda Myagmar.

Hi, my name is Suvda Myagmar and I’m a software engineer at Expect Labs. Today I’m going to talk about productivity tools for developers. Good productivity tools speed up the development process and help reduce bugs. One of these tools is the IDE, or Integrated Development Environment. IDEs provide user-friendly and efficient way to edit, compile, and debug source code. A good IDE should be flexible enough to support common programming languages and integrate with version control systems. Also being able to deploy the code and run on a remote machine is very useful.
Each engineer uses different IDE based on their preferences. I personally develop in four different languages on daily basis, so it was important to me to find an IDE that can handle these languages natively or with extensions. IDE that I use is Intellij IDEA by JetBrains. 
I set up my coding projects to deploy and run them on remote servers that are hosted on AWS. This is because our backend architecture is quite complex and I can’t run all the necessary services on a local machine.

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