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How to Choose Blinds for Your Home and How to Clean and Disinfect Wooden Toys?

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

How to choose blinds for your home and How to clean and disinfect wooden toys?Have you finished with the decor of your rooms? The paint is dry and shinning, wallpaper is beautiful and luxurious carpets now thinking about window treatments. Some rooms of conventional design as the living room or bedroom, old curtains can meet the needs, but also to another room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a bedroom blinds children are the best option. One of the main reasons for the popularity of blinds or Roman shades (as they are often called), is its availability in a variety of patterns, shapes and colors. So definitely they will go with any kind of home textiles. For example, woven wood blinds are ideal for swimming, while vinyl blinds with prints of cartoon characters, animal forms and forest scenes are suitable for children.

The blinds are easy to clean. The curtains must be removed and washed occasionally. It is a difficult task to open the curtains and then either wash or send to the cleaners. Roman blinds on the otherhand can be cleaned with a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Easily one of the favorites in cleaning the kitchen, where there is a lot of soot deposits made daily. These blinds are easy to install. Some people prefer to install blinds yes. In this sense, professional help should always be orderly. Blinds is to install the work of experts, if the blinds are not installed properly, then you may have problems when using them.

All the above features have shutters best choice for interior designers and individual users. Popularity with each passing day blinds only increase. To take advantage of this popularity, there are many online stores long shopping list blinds. While online stores to buy, you need an online retailer to find known. Only legitimate sites have large reserves of blinds. There are different shades of colors, materials, models are available in these stores. It has been observed in the past, but that a large number of possibilities, blind chicane original purchaser. Therefore, the information provided below will help you make the right choice:

Playing inside: Roman blinds are available in various colors and designs, so you can match the interior design of the rooms. Blinds should be the color of the walls or furniture in the room are. With the right choice of blinds you can significantly beautify your room and give it a new look. If there are a lot of electronics in the room, this will be a good idea for blinds with remote control. These blinds will give a techno look in the room.

Choose a color: the color of the wall is a very important factor in choosing blinds. Choose brightly colored blinds is crucial to give a stylish appearance in an area that is otherwise so pale.
Finding cheap offers: To compete with other companies use blind sellers occasionally has to offer. Wait, such offers and cling to them. This will also reduce costs.

The blinds are a great way to give your room looks updated. They are cheap, stylish and spend less time on maintenance.

Many parents have asked about the best way to clean wooden toys. Children can be rough with their toys, no matter what material they are made, and it is always a good idea to periodically clean your child a toy. They play with them outside or necessarily dirty in these toys, and it is important that you know the proper way to disinfect and clean wooden toys, because wood is a porous material.

Children are full of curiosity and very young children often pick up a toy from the floor and place it right in the mouth. And usually, when they do, they were also playing with the dog or earth to dig, meaning that not only toys earth, but his hands. This is normal behavior. It is the way to explore your child and is not something you can easily get discouraged. But if you protect your child from germs and dirt, you need to know the proper way to clean wooden toys, because you have to treat them differently from what the toys of metal or plastic.

For starters, if you own wooden toys it is important to understand that there is a difference between wood and timber finish. painted wood is painted wood, stained and lacquered or unfinished is just that - it's just raw wood without protective or decorative coating. Fortunately, the two types of wooden toys are easy to clean and disinfect.

For basic cleaning or light, you can simply delete or finish with a dry cloth. If necessary, use a damp sponge to remove dust and dirt from wooden toys unfinished and finished toys should be cleaned gently with mild soap and water. If dirt or hard dirt, a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to be used to try to wipe with a dry cloth.

If the painted wooden toy or not, that should never be immersed directly in the water like wood could absorb water and deform. And after the toy with clean water should be dried with a soft, dry cloth throughout the toy completely before re-use.

How to choose blinds for your home and How to clean and disinfect wooden toys?
And never tempted wooden toys to clean with furniture wax! It may seem like the most natural thing in the world, since you are using clean wood furniture, but furniture polish contains toxins that should not be included. Porous wood varnish and maintained if the child puts the toy in the mouth, or enamel to get into their hands, these toxins can be transferred to the mouth.

For disinfection of wooden toys, a solution of vinegar and water or a solution of 10 parts water is used to one part bleach. However, when bleach washed and dry the toy very well. Wooden toys are extremely durable and can last for years if properly supported. Remember to disinfect and clean wooden toys often, because you know you end up in your child's mouth.

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