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How to Buy a House with Good Feng Shui

Posted on the 17 August 2016 by @bonsoni

Your environment can have a huge impact on your life and ndash; enough for his personal happiness to influence your prosperity and opportunities that you get in your life and mdash; which makes the choice of the house is a very important moment. Since the most important moments occur in our lives in our homes, the house itself is more than four walls, eat and sleep. That and rsquo; Therefore, careful consideration is required if you are planning to buy another house.

How to Buy a House with Good Feng Shui
So what you want, if you are considering buying a new home? It comes down to two things: the material and the immaterial. Tangibles are the price, location, size and condition. The intangible includes considerations such as location on a street in the house on the floor, its relationship to other buildings or located houses like the house inside circulates, and situations, such as when former inmates were sick, in financial difficulties, etc ..
These are the kinds of considerations that are taken into account if we want to assess the Feng Shui of a house. Of course, these are not all the elements that make a home with good feng shui, but these are some of the important considerations. I hope this will lead to choose a home that is right for you and your family.
1. Buy a new house or & ldquo; Success & quot; Home. A new house has no history, this ideal choice. However, if you are looking for a home for sale, buy someone who is moving to a bigger house, it has a large promotion and moved or has won the lottery. Buying a villa in Tuscany then buy a good Feng Shui and positive energy.
Properties for sale of a divorce, foreclosure or if a serious illness or other suffering is not the best option. To buy a house can mean buying these problems. How? The house may be the problem. Or it could be a landscape or a topographical element causing the problems. It & rsquo; It is best to avoid this kind of houses.
2. Purchase or higher ground. The houses are located on the side of a hill or when subsequent tracks of the house and ldquo ;. lose ground and rdquo; Even better to buy a house, where the much wider at the rear of the front. Also, try lots regularly for sale. many square or rectangular are especially good.
3. The internal history. Make sure the rooms are certainly not in a garage, kitchen, laundry room, or an open space below. Also, make sure that there is no bathroom and a dining room or kitchen. This can cause a disease in the house. Look at the disposal of bathrooms to the rooms and the beds have won and rsquo; t share a common wall with a toilet.
4. Get help. It is best for the country, either level or to be higher on the back of the house. The country falls into the back of the house creates losses and difficulties for the recognition and promotion. If the house, a building or a hill has on his back, then it is compatible.
5. Open. If the land open house or a large open area in front of him, then he has the and ldquo ;. Lichteffekt Hall & rdquo; This is highly advantageous. Think of the great expanse of lawn in front or front of the large Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina. For the White House in Washington
Make sure the house is not overwhelmed by the landscape. If you are near a tree at home, especially if it is in line with the front door, this is not good, and avoid the potential for the owner. Remember to remove the tree. Similarly, if the plants and shrubs seem that and rsquo; re maintenance of the house (are planted too close or grow on the walls), they should be eliminated elsewhere and replant. A house should not be stifled by landscaping.
6. Look both ways before buying. What and rsquo; s right and left of the house? Is there a house or building, which seems to be mentioned in this house? If the house or land on the left side is higher, which is good because it draws power from the kite. It is even happier if the house on the left side (as you look out of the house) is in the east. Is there a house with a pointed roof, a corner of the house is at the door, etc. or home?
Be sure to look at the proximity of the house. It is dead end street? When the road ends in a straight line at home, that's not good. Even the houses opposite with a road and behind the house and suffering corrections can rsquo; and t can do for them. long and straight paths ending in the home, or routes that are to stop at home is another problem, but can be corrected with plants or mirrors.
7. What and rsquo; is the situation? The house must be properly located on the property, which means that crossed the line should not be back in the middle of the lot. Better to stay back a bit too much before the game.
8. What in the southwest and northwest? These are the two main directions in a house. West should never open, such as flame. A gas stove or fireplace If you're there, move on to another house. This is a taboo Feng Shui. To find a home as a serious difficulty for the man of the house has to be invited.
Also look in the Southwest; It is the position of the woman or the mother of the house. If a bathroom or laundry is here, it could be marital discord and unhappiness. Consult a professional Feng Shui on him when he's at home, but has problems in the southwest corner.
Good luck with buying your new home!

Expanding your Horizons - Tricks to Make your Garden Look Bigger!

While an experienced gardeners have a talent to make better use of space, and rsquo; I managed, for example, with the right balance between large and small or as they put their boundaries plants, is not a magic trick any of us can do, and that is the expansion of space itself. Of course, if Harry Houdini was here, and rsquo; D say that the key to a good illusion is the mirror, not the elephant. Just as you and rsquo; you may have guessed, today have and rsquo; The article provides a means to give the appearance of a larger garden, you and rsquo; re actually in possession.
From the ground, we have the lines and shapes of a garden - especially as lawns or broken pavement. The rectangular shape of many suburban gardens and connotations that invoke box as geometric shapes, it is often preferable to use liquid forms such as circles or ellipses if your lawn. Not only mask the limits, but they can also make a garden appear much larger. This also applies to the pavement surrounding the lawn both lines appear only make space narrowing and against nature. In this sense, if you and rsquo; have a small garden, try to avoid large plates as they tend to dominate the best elements of a garden, with small parts, you & rsquo; able to implement a random paved probably will not be pleasing to the eye technique.

How to Buy a House with Good Feng ShuiAside from its open spaces, careful planning in its planting program is also important to improve the garden as a whole. Remember, the basic principle of all interior designers: lighter equals higher, while the dark confinement. As such, its deeper tones flowers should be centralized to its limits and surrounded, to alleviate their oppressive associations of small flowers. Then, in the back door with purple flowers, for example, a thermal image can have, which is associated with the building itself, you can limit the viewer with bright colors to fight for your attention. The aim is to adjust for brighter colors in their beds the larger than you can handle, above the heavens space. Other than the color, you should also look at the texture of plants, plants fine texture like rosemary reflect light differently than the dense foliage of Laurel, which means that careful stratification can add depth to your garden, authoritarianism may seem flat, finally you have the size of the plants, which vary in the type of garden and rsquo; re goal. In other words, the bigger the better, thousands of small shrubs and flower heads make it a messy look garden, while a diagram of the boldest structure can attest to the importance of their environment. Then there and rsquo; s vertical approach - vertical stripes make a longer dress seems to make so great a height of trees in your garden add, even if you can and rsquo; t touch, you can imagine.

"While on the topic of vertical garden, it is important to consider the value of structures such as arches and pergolas. Similar to the telescopic action of the eye with a pinhole putting a long corridor, as this may give the illusion of length, especially when entwined with flowers hanging alive. There are also several and lsquo; View and rsquo; Arcos on the market that have the same effect."

A garden can also be done through the construction of roads to see more, to reduce the width as they progress on the ground.
Finally, we have the oldest trick in the book, and that brings us back to Mr. Houdini - mirror. The reflective glass has been used since antiquity for designers time to double the size of a room or triple, and rsquo; s no reason not to take over the house and garden. The most effective when placed in front of an open space, like a beautiful lawn or planting program, but not to reflect the viewer immediately as they approach, they can create the illusion of another kind also inviting garden. His dream can be enhanced by adding a water view fluidity of moving images is provided.

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