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How to Break Your Partner’s Smartphone Addiction

By Reporterandgirl @reporterandgirl

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Long gone are the days when only those prepared to fork over hundreds of dollars in cash could purchase smartphones. Now, everywhere you turn someone is bound to have a smartphone in their hands perusing the web, updating social media, sending a text message or checking their email. And, with deals like $0 down for an iPhone 6 from T-Mobile, the number of smartphone users is only increasing.

While these devices are great for getting work done on the go and filling free moments, there’s one big problem — scores of users are addicted to their phones and don’t even realize it. And, for those in romantic relationships, a smartphone obsession can be a sore point.

How do you know if your partner really is obsessed? If being without a smartphone triggers symptoms of withdrawal, then there’s an issue, professor of psychiatry David Greenfield tells CNN. If you think your partner might have a problem, here are some warning signs and what to do about them:

Texting and Driving

If your partner never puts his or her smartphone down while driving in case a social media notification or email alert comes through, he or she might have a problem.

It’s obvious the texting and driving PSAs didn’t make an impact on how dangerous this behavior can be, so remind your partner that the fatality rate while texting and driving is greater than that of teen drivers. Also, share that more than nine people are killed and 1,153 injuries occur every day due to distracted driving, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Non-Stop Gaming

You may notice that your partner never seems to stop playing Clash of Clans, Candy Crush or any of those other time-sucking games and that you never seem to have his or her full attention.

As an alternative, try whipping out a good old-fashioned board game, such as Monopoly or Trouble, to bond with your partner in real life. Besides, playing with you should be more enjoyable than competing with total strangers.

All-Hour Usage

Your partner may have a hard time not responding to every message, email and alert, even if they come through at all times of the night. But, this can harm your relationship, especially in those moments that have the potential to get hot and steamy. In fact, a recent survey from NPR indicated 70 percent of women felt smartphones were interfering with their romantic relationship.

To resolve this issue, you may want to propose that smartphones be stowed away during alone time and turned off at night. This way your there isn’t a temptation to interrupt your together time and you both can get some well-needed rest.

Text Communication

The problem with text-only communication is that the human factor and intimacy is missing from the equation. A study from Oxford University reveals that couples who use five or more electronic channels of communication are 14 percent less satisfied in their relationship. This makes sense, considering a text or instant message is devoid of a smile, frown, chuckle or warm embrace.

Communicate with your partner in person and explain why the constant texting and messaging bothers you. Hold his or her hand and show why the face-to-face communication is better for your relationship.

Smartphone technology can be great when used in moderation. It can help you navigate new cities, find new things to do, work from different locations and stay in touch with your loved ones. Just make sure you and your partner’s smartphone use doesn’t get so out of control that you no longer pay attention to each other.

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