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How To Boost Your Productivity As a Freelancer

Posted on the 12 November 2015 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog


The happiness of freelance businesses are many, I can set my working hour, set up my work station as I want, work from home, being your own boss, Do what you love and get paid for it. These are few things that I have written but I have been work as freelancers from long time and I am happy to being my own boss. But except all happiness there are some significant challenges. I accept all challenges and start my freelance work and love the freedom on my work station.

After getting huge success on my business in the last month, I have personally realized that productivity matters. I found the superb result in the last month when I received unbelievable dollars in my paypal account. As a freelancer I searched and read business blog every day and I use sort of business apps to keep myself organized and stay on work. If you search on Google then you can find hundred of articles and huge list of website, business application for freelance business, freelance writing and more. But here you can find my absolute favorite productivity apps. I Hope you like the collection and get a profit in your business as well.

Top 5 Apps for Freelancers



1. Sunrise – Events, deadline, planning they are important part of any business. Sunrise Calendar is available for Desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android phones. It’s a fast and free business application to make your life and work easier and it’s a free sunrise calendar app to connect with all your favorite apps like Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr and more. Sunrise is also an easy way to send and receive invitations to clients, even if they aren’t Sunrise users.



2. Workfrom Having the freedom to work from anywhere is my best experience about being a freelancer and workfrom app will extend the freedom even more. This is a new app and I got info about this app from my fellow blogger. The finest part of this app is it allows finding unique place to work outside from your home. So you can easily choose coffee shop, libraries, hotel, lobbies etc. When I search for new things I always believe to read reviews on internet. And interesting thing is that I found positive review and excellent rating on yelp for workfrom app. I highly recommended this app to all freelancers and geek bloggers now.



3. EvernoteMake an ideas, create lists, creative thought, Evernote allows you to collect all these points, this is an easiest accessible platform. I use google docs but I don’t like dropbox, whenever I do team discussion everyone use evernote on their smartphones and tablets.

Click on the link if you want to know how to use evernote?



4. Freedom - Freedom helps minimize distractions by blocking websites for a specified period of time. Disabling all of your favorite distracting corners of the Internet will definitely annoy you, but you’ll appreciate it when you realize all of the work you’re able to get done.



5. Trello Trello is similar to evernote, you can easily share an idea, and make a task list or your TO DO list. Through Trello you can make few lists like TO DO list also doing list and done list. Try to start use trello app from doing to done list. It will make your work plan easier and give you a great move from doing to done.

This post has original content and real experience about apps from my fellow bloggers and me. Hope you like the content and find something useful for your business.

What’re your favorite productivity apps?

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