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By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
Now I'm just new to the blogging scene but my most asked questions are; How do you start a blog, What to i Put in a Blog, how do i get my blog noticed, how I do my blog, why I love blogging.
So I thought I would answer these questions using my experience, what others have said to help any of you who may have these types of questions. I'm am not an expert an purely doing this to try and help budding bloggers.
How To || BlogHow To Start a blog?:
1. A Niche You Love- Choose a topic you love and have a real interest in. The worst thing is having a blog that you don't love, or reading a bol you know the blogger does not love. The best blogs are the ones where the blogger has a real passion for the particular niche.
2. A Good Name- A good name is always a helpful thing. Whether it is to do with the niche or to do with your name, as long as it means something to you and it is relevant to the blog.
3. A good quality blog- Make sure your blog is of a good standard readable writing, choose a color theme, pictures etc. Websites like blogger (I use) and wordpress allow you to create a blog a web address for free and give you all the tools you need to create a blog page. Makes sure pictures that you use are of good quaility.
4. Email, twitter, facebook etc- make sure there is a way a for people to get in touch with you, for feedback, suggestions, questions. Also social network sites help to promote your blog.
How to get Readers
5. Good Posts- If you have good quality posts people may be more inclined to return to your blog
6. Frequent Posts- having frequent posts means that people know of they go to your blog there will be something new to read.
How to get Subscribers/followers:
7. People will come to not use force- this is important you can't force people into subscribing/following because then they aren't doing it because they like your blog but because you told them too.. What the point of that? None of the follow for a follow eventually it gets annoying an it will only make you lose subscribers. Its ok to ask eg. If you like my blog please do subscribe I would be very grateful
 What it takes to have a successful blog?
8. Time and effort- having a blog takes up a lot of time you need to write posts, take pictures. It takes effort and commitment to post everyday or every second day.
Why I love it?
9. Meet new people- you get to see a whole new world. You get to know lots of new people.
10. Share with you what i love- it gives me the chance to share my passion with others who have the same passion.
11. Its a hobby I love coming up with posts, writing them, taking pics and replying to your comments.

The downfalls of Blogging?
12. Mean comments- some people in the world are horrid and like being mean to others and you will always come across a couple of people who disrespect you and your blog but that comes with promoting yourself on the Internet.
13. Lots of hard work and energy- it takes a lot of hard work and energy. For me this isn't really a downfall because I love it so much but it may put some people of. Hen you start a blog you need to commit to it and realize it will take up most of your spare time,
Those are my tips for anyone looking to start up a blog or improve one they already have. If you like my blog please subscribe I would be very grateful and leave any furhter questions below and I will reply to them.
Happy Blogging :)
Laura xx

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