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How to Be Still – The Baseball Knee

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Yesterday’s post was about getting players to move faster on and around the field at all times.  It not only makes your team look great, it gives them the message that the game requires a faster pace.  

However, there are times when players need to be still.  A lot of baseball meetings occur pre and post game out on the field.  On the field means no chairs or bench to sit on.  When this happens, players should always be told to take a knee as shown in the following photo.

Taking a baseball knee

Taking a baseball knee

No butts on the ground.  One knee up and one knee down.  Backs straight.  Eyes and ears on the coach or whoever else is speaking.  Sitting in a more casual way (butts on the ground, cross-legged, etc.) makes players lazy.  Their minds drift as well. 

A faster pace is necessary but another one of those little things that adds up over time is teaching players how to be still.

Tomorrow’s post:  How to be still – The National Anthem

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