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How to Be a Success, Even with Weaknesses

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4
Here's a wild thought.
The difference between successful people and those that aren't isn't just talent, but a lot of little decisions they make each day.

In contemporary society people think the successful were born that way or had some luck.
Granted, talent is one part of the equation.  However, it is not the only part of the equation.  The truth is things like perseverance, motivation and daily decisions are also important.
In this post it is asserted successful people are those with perseverance that make a lot of good, small decisions over time.

What are some of the characteristics of successful people?  Here some things the author would include.  Success people:
  •  know how to communicate what they want.
  •  they do communicate what they want.
  •  have problems like other people, but respond differently.
  •  have not always had the easiest lives.
  •  have a larger plan and make small decision to that end.
Talent can help compensate for some of these things, but these help put a person in a better position for success.
Decisions, Decisions
What kind of little decisions are these referring to?  Here are some examples, based on life experience:
1. Taking the extra step vs. doing the least you have to.
These kinds of decision come up every day.  Successful people try to find better ways to do things to make other people's lives easier.
2. Paying attention to their appearance.
Other people tend to notice things like odors or an unkempt appearance.  It is a reflection of the person's habits overall.
3. Being prepared for opportunity when it comes.
A lot of what happens in life was not planned at the time.  As they say, "timing is everything."
4. Not always taking the path of least resistance.
Successful people do things that make them uncomfortable, even though they could have taken the easier path.
5.  Setting specific goals and evaluating progress.
It is not enough to say you want to lose weight or get rich blogging.  That is obvious, but successful people set specific goals.
6. Practicing self control.
Some of these decisions are obvious, but there are numerous chances every day to make the right choice.  Self control can affect your health physically, mentally and spiritually.
7. Not letting rejection or negative things stop them.
Successful people generally have setbacks in their lives like other people do.  Perseverance is important.
Did you know at a young age Michael Jordan shot free throws until he made 500 in a day?
Even "His Heirness" did not take his talent for granted, but he worked on it.  How many days would YOU stick with shooting free throws until you made 500 every day?
In his book "Outliers:  The Story Of Success" Malcolm Gladwell put it another way.  He devised the term "10,000 hour rule", meaning it takes 10,000 hours of concentrated practice at something to be good at it!
Concentrated practice means without distractions and with ongoing evaluation and changes. It sounds like people with talent also have to work at it.
Perhaps former president Calvin Coolidge summed it up the based with this quote:
"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."

These are opinion, of course.  One takeaway is that a person can be a success even if they are not the most talented person.  With this mindset things that seemed out of reach at one time can be in reach if a person is willing to work and sacrifice.

Application To Daily LifeTalent is one part in the equation of success.  (Defining success would be another post). However, there is much more. 
A person with less talent, but more perseverance and communication skills, can go further in life than someone with mere talent.
Sometimes things don't go the way you wanted, and how you respond to that becomes more important than your level of ability.

How bad do YOU want to be a success?

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How to be a success, even with weaknesses
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