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In Worthwhile Affairs This Takes Precedence

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4

"That isn't fair."

 Have you ever felt like things were unfair because other people were born with more than you?
It is common to think like that and falling into this mental trap can be self-defeating. 
This posts asserts that how far a person goes in life is determined less by talent than it is by awareness and perseverance.
When you look at someone who appears to be successful by worldly standards (i.e. executive, professional athlete, politician) it seems like they were either born with an unfair advantage of talent or who they know. 
You might think to yourself,"I couldn't be like they are.   I wasn't born with their talent."  But, wait.
While in some instances this might be partially true it is not always the case.  Talent gets a person to a certain point.  However, without perseverance and some interest it might not get you as far as someone who possesses these traits.
The Aware You
It is common to see people owning or running a company in the same family.  From an outsiders' view it looks like they just got where they are because of who they are. 
As the famous story goes at one time Michael Jordan shot free throws until he made 500 per day.  How many people would have the diligence to shoot 500 a day, yet stay with it until they made 500 a day?  Wow.  His talent would naturally help, but without this diligence he would likely not have the level of success he enjoyed.  It does not come from nothing.
For those in the sales industry they likely have seen an example of this at some point or another.  Top sales people are not always "born" sales people, but those who continue after rejection and learn to adjust.  To sell you want to learn your customer and "trial and error."  As a matter of fact quiet people can look more trusting to buy from that a fast talking sales person type.
In sales you have down times and how you react to that is telling.  Do you say "I am a failure" or do you look at why and make changes?  If you have natural talent and a lack of interest you might not do as well as someone with interest and perseverance.
If you look at a C.E.O. of a major company you will likely find they have some level of interest in what they do (a.k.a. passion).  Those who are really interested are more motivated to find better ways of doing things.
Also, in the workplace there are usually chances to take the "extra step" when others don't want to.  This is not just a matter of talent you were born with.
In contemporary society success often comes when a person finds a better, more efficient way to do something.  Yes, talent is part of that.  Networking, keeping up with trends and knowing what questions to ask also play a role.  These do beyond just talent to things like awareness.
Are YOU willing to put forth the effort for what you want deep down?
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In worthwhile affairs this takes precedence
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