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How to Be a Positive Individual All Time.

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge
We often are faced by many situations in our life which make us feel negative about life. We start cursing ourselves, blame others for the consequences etc. to satisfy our egos but at the end we forget that what has happened, has happened already. we can't change it. Instead we can change the viewpoint with which we see things.  That's what today's post will guide you through. Remember that there is something good in every bad. The point is whether we see it or not. Sometimes, it may take time to realize that it had something good in it. If we fail, we look at it with disgust or our inability to do things. Actually it is what people's perception says about our ability or inability. We simply accept the fact that we can't do it but in reality but if we see it from other perspective, failure is saying to us that you can do it in a better way. Keep trying and win will be surely yours one day. positive thinking
That is what positive approach is telling us, not to fear failure. Failure is first step towards success. Believe me that if you talk to top entrepreneurs or see many great people out there, whether it is Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Albert Einstein, they all have failed at some point of their lives. The main thing is to take it as an experience rather than a burden. Below I mention the 3 ways by which you can always stay positive and achieve what you want while overcoming all yourfears. 1) Say thank you for every thing no matter how small it may be Gratitude helps you a lot in balancing the negative events. Saying thank you to god for the wonderful life, to your parents for the gifts etc. helps your mind to register positive events for longer time than negative events. It can be done each day or once a week. For each day you can keep a log or maintain a diary registering all the positive events of the day. It will help you remember positive events more as compared to negative events. 2) Affirmations are a great gift people can give to themselves Affirmations, positive ones of course help a lot in sustaining that goal or that dream of yours. Affirmations like 'I will be rich one day' or 'I am getting better everyday' etc. push you, motivate you to keep pursuing and keep moving on to achieve that dream of yours. Repeating the affirmations is the key point. It keeps your mind focused on your dream and provides inspiration to do so. What you perceive about any situation comes in front of you as a reality. You keep repeating negative affirmations liking cursing your fate for bad career, bad relationships etc., you will not end up anywhere but with same  bad career and same bad relationships. The reason for this is that you block your mind from seeing the things apart from these affirmations. Try to make and repeat positive affirmations. You can do it by keeping a daily log. The best time (as I practice) is to keep repeating the affirmations every morning after waking up with this practice  best would be in front of the mirror. For example keep repeating this 'I am getting slim everyday'. Believe me that if you practice it with full focus in front of the mirror, one day you will realize that you are actually slimmer than ever before.  On the other hand, try saying 'Oh my god, I am getting fatter day by day!',  you will surely end up getting fatter than ever. 3) Your response matters the most Some times one doesn't have the control over the circumstances or a situation at hand. You may be fired from your job or may have been ditched by your love for example. Normally we have a perception of recording these negative events in our life as very bad things with a lot of time being spent in overcoming them. This happens because we respond to them negatively. we curse, we blame and we do all sorts of bad things which only results in more waste of our time. We house feeling of revenge in our hearts. This was one point of view. Second scenario can be this ways. 'I got fired from my job. Definitely god has something big in store for me, something which I am worth of.'  For second case it can be 'She ditched me. Maybe I was not for her or she was not made for me. it was just a mere attraction.' Next time anything bad happens in your life, try to change your viewpoint towards it and see the change yourself. I am sure you won't regret you changed your viewpoint for the situation at hand. Summary: From the above points, we can deduce that positive thinking can influence our lives affecting it greatly. Following points would be suffice to summarize the above discussion: 1) Gratitude plays an important role in making your mind registering positive events and keeping them stored for long. 2) Repeating positive affirmations motivates and inspires you to pursue that goal or dream of yours making it a bit easier to keep moving on. 3) Responding to any event with different viewpoint will change the entire perception of the event transforming a negative event into a positive one. Keep practicing these techniques and do let us know what change you have seen in yourself after incorporating these ways of thinking. Image credit:here

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