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How to Be a Celeb with a Klout Score to Prove It

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I am a celebrity – get me out of here …


No honestly I am – Klout tells me so


How to be a Celeb with a Klout score to prove it


In reality I am not a celeb at all, just an ordinary mommy with a blog but … I have a celeb Klout score.


So how do I do it?


I love Facebook and Twitter. I have made some life long friends and am a very talkative person so always have something to say. You will always find me around.


But I believe what I do with my social networks is what gives me the upper hand on many others.


I help people


I offer advice and support to others. If they have a problem I will go out of my way to find them the answer.


Thats what makes me different. Instead of focusing on me and my blog, I focus on others.


I do not push my blog, my links or myself for that matter. Yet find those who I help & form relationships with want to see what else I do, want to follow my blog.


Facebook is used for my support network for many mums and Twitter has become a place where I can make others smile, laugh or give them pause for thought.


In return I receive many likes from Facebook and many comments, on Twitter I receive many Retweets and new followers.


This helps my Klout score.


This interaction helps my blog.


Be an active member on both Facebook & Twitter, do not be afraid to jump into others conversations.


I do not use other social networks but will be looking into them soon. I will let you know how I get on.


A great debate topic on both Facebook & twitter can be a great way to begin interacting. Remember to always reply to those comments on Facebook & twitter.


Think of ways you too can help others. This does not need to be as in depth as what I do, but the odd helpful status and Tweet can do wonders.


We are all looking for advice, help in some area of our lives. What does your blog say about you? Can you reach out to Facebook & Twitter followers and bring your blog to life?


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