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How To Avoid Conflict In Conversations

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
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This year more than ever I have found my belief in the following statement to get stronger than ever - change starts from inside out. As adults most of us know that all we have control over is our own thoughts and actions. 
Remaining of this year I have decided to focus on how “I” can improve and change before I dish out advice or make remarks about how the world is not showing up. Any clarity of thought is a double edged sword though because if I have the insights to see what I lack, I also happen to be perceptive enough to see what people around me lack or can improve upon. 
While I am never the one to preach, I do like to having a civil conversation about the things that are important to me. With the world where it is that has become difficult task to do when encountered with extremism, misinformation, or even just other people’s anger or unwillingness to be empathetic. Social issues, interpersonal differences, and politics everything is polarized today. You cannot even discuss art and movies without running the odds of offending someone or the other.
One of my personal goals in life is to be able to achieve a state of peace in the face of such conflicts. There have been a few times when I have been able to keep a level head while also clearly communicate my opinions, even when they were being challenged. But before I chalk it down as an achievement I want to have repeated success for at least next six months so that I can rest assured that it has indeed becomes second nature. 
In public interest though, I am sharing some of my responses which have helped me avoid conflict while still letting me maintain my self-respect and dignity:
  1. When someone asks me an inappropriate question, I ask back: "what do you think?" before reacting.
  2. When someone shares something which is absurd or absolute bullshit in my opinion, I give a placid reply: "interesting!"
  3. When someone makes a request to which I instinctively want to say, “No!” I instead say: "Let me think about it"
  4. When someone I like makes an offbeat remark, instead of getting mad or defensive, I ask: “Why did you say that?
  5. When someone is adamant about their opinion which I don’t share, I respond: “I don’t agree with you, but I don’t have the bandwidth right now to share my thoughts either.
Is this something you have had to struggle with? Do you have any level-headed responses to share with me? Leave them in the comments below. 
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