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How to Apply Makeup Well

By Mohamedmedo

How to Apply Makeup Well
A delicate layer of foundation and a soft, silky powder application, one single sculpting line on the lid and a delicious treat for your lips. When it comes to makeup, from diaphanous to the boldest approach, it's important to know ourselves and find the perfect flattering palette able to express our personality and emotions. Learning how to apply makeup well might be a challenging task, yet if properly used, it has the power to hide, enhance and transform.
Makeup is an art. And not just any kind of art, but one that uses mascara, eyeliner and lipstick in order to define and enhance the beauty of your face. It has the amazing power of destroying insecurities and boost self-confidence. For the ultimate result one should first know her own face and skin type and then learn some basic makeup tips and tricks regarding its application. Still, always remember to stay true to yourself and your personal taste.
Foundation. The base is an essential step in the entire makeup process. For a flawless overall appearance foundation should have a natural purity and a glowing aspect. In this sense, finding the right texture for your skin type and the suitable color for your complexion are two crucial things. Applying it using your fingers gives the advantage of an even coverage and the foundation enters better into the texture of the skin. Still, you can use a sponge, which works for blending larger areas, but it becomes rather problematic around the eye area. When using a brush, apply foundation with downward strokes. Make sure you blend it into the jawline and a little onto the neck so you avoid the unwanted distinct line between the two.
Concealer. Everybody loves concealers. And what is not to love? A concealer has all the qualities of the perfect and most at hand makeup product. It corrects, camouflages imperfections such as spider veins or those annoying under the eye circles, illuminates and refreshes the face, among others. Well, it can do about everything and anything. However, following the rule 'less is more', concealer shouldn't be applied on the entire face. Choose a color that matches the one of our skin and an opaque, slightly dry texture. Apply it using a brush with thin, vertical lines onto the area you want to conceal. Next, blend into the skin.How to Apply Makeup Well
Powder. Powder is the makeup product that adds a matte finish to your look. Applied directly to the skin, powder evens out and tones down the shiny aspect specific to oily skin. Translucent powder is a must-have due to its light texture. Use a powder brush or puff in order to apply loose or pressed powder evenly over your face using downward strokes. Don't forget about the neck and ears, paying attention and blending well. Always make sure you dab the powder brush into the powder and remove the excess powder. Use a puff for pressed powder. Always follow the direction your facial hair grows.
How to Apply Makeup Well
Blush. A blush should be that final, perfect touch of the makeup process. If properly chosen and applied, it gives a healthy, fresh aspect to your skin. Using a brush, apply a small amount of blush across your cheekbones, going from the temples in. The creamy textures should be applied over foundation with your fingers. For contour, use a deeper shade of powdered blush in the hollow of the cheeks. Pay attention so that you apply the same amount on each side.
Eyeshadow. Eyeshadows represent the playful, colorful part of the makeup process that allows you to have fun using different shades for sweet or dramatic effects. Apply the eyeshadow base in a lighter color on the entire lid, close to the lash base, using a shadow brush. Next, take a larger brush and blend the eyeshadow going up towards the brows. For a more natural look, use a sponge-tip applicator or an shadow brush in order to blend the edges of the eyeshadow.
Eyeliner and mascara. For the ultimate drama queen look, the eyeliner is absolutely mandatory. Whether you choose a pencil or a liquid eyeliner, for a flawless application, pull the eye taunt with your free hand and draw a continuous line on the upper lid. On the lower lid, use an eye pencil and apply a line from corner to corner. For the mysterious smoky eye effect smudge using a small, shadow brush.
Enhance the beauty of your eyes with mascara. Apply it starting at the inner corner of the eye and at the base of the lashes working outward and upward.
Lipstick. When it comes to lipstick, it's important the way you apply it. You can use a lip brush for a more harmonious coverage starting from the inner towards the outer corner of the lips. For a 3D effect, apply some lip gloss on the center of your lips.
How to Apply Makeup Well
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