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How to Apply Long Lasting Eye Pencil?

By Zhangyaohui

Ever since Jason Wu adopt the smudgy cat eyes in the New York Fashion Week, natural yet not exaggerated cat eye makeup style quickly conquer the fashion circle again. Cat eye is special, stylish and sexy. If you are looking for the simplest way to create a cat eye, this post should be your little enlightenment to do that with a long lasting eye pencil. To achieve the best cat eye visual effect, the combination of long lasting eye pencil and the best liquid eyeliner is a must. 

The basic trick is to use small strokes to draw dashes along the lash line. By using the black liquid eyeliners and waterproof eye pencil, we’ve got foolproof instructions to help you get an stunning but natural cat eye look. You should never fear using liquid eyeliner pen in the wrong way anymore.

  1. Tools: Newchic best liquid eyeliner, long lasting eye penciland the eyeshadow palette with the colors you prefer.

long lasting eye pencil

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  1. Dotat the tip of your eye line with the best liquid eyeliner pen instead of drawing them as a line at the beginning. Just place them apart along the upper lash line. You can also draw the line so easily use the functional cat eyeliner model.

liquid eyeliner tutorial 2

Newchic best liquid eyeliner

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  1. 3.Connect the drawn dots. Use small, short strokes to connect the dots slowly now. Our goal is aiming to create an even line on both eyes. Use several small strokes between each mark with the best liquid eyeliner

liquid eyeliner tutorial 3

  1. Make the eye linesmooth. If you find the line shows a break or imperfection, draw a thin line along the edge with the long lasting eye pencil.

liquid eyeliner tutorial 4

  1. Add your tail finally. No matter which kind of natural liquid eyeliner that you are using, a small tail should be created at the outer edge of your eyelid to create a cat eye flavor. The simplest way it to draw a small line extending upwards on your upper lash line, which can be achieved easily with the long lasting eye pencil.

liquid eyeliner tutorial 5

black liquid eyeliners

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