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How to Add Cool Chat Box to Blogger

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Mohammed39

How to Add Cool Chat Box to BloggerChatwee is a new chat service, unlike other Chatwee is added as a toolbar and chat deployed on the right side (you can switch to the left), showing the flag next to the user depending on the country where connect. Its design is attractive, however the functions are very limited because you can not choose a nickname unless you register, and so far I still do not know how to change the avatar once you're registered. But yes, it has the advantage of allowing users to share files such as PDF, music and photos.
Once you register you'll have the code you can use on your blog, you can also customize the colors of it.
It is recommended to have a script that prevents the redirection of countries, since the chat is only displayed in the URL you have registered, so if someone from another country comes in and adds another extension is not shown.

How to Add Cool Chat Box to Blogger?

Step 1
1- Go to the following link:chatwee
2- And do like the image
How to Add Cool Chat Box to Blogger
3- After creating your chatwee account, login to your account with your username and password, then you will see a code, just click on “Copy script to clipboard”. How to Add Cool Chat Box to Blogger Step 2 1- Login to your blogger dashboard -->Layout --> 'Add A Gadget' --> Html/Javascript 2-then paste the code into the box and then Save Arrangement 3- Now go to your blog to see your chat box.

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