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How the Correct Interior Design Can Increase Your Well-being

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

When you think of interior design, does it evoke thoughts of spiritual health or improved decision-making? This is exactly what a peaceful home can provide. Applying the general principle of feng shui, you can invite positive energies into your life with the way that you arrange your living space, especially your bedroom. Here’s how.

Before you can do anything else, you will want to start by removing all of the clutter from your home, which could help you feel like you have fewer obstacles in other areas of your life. It is often said that your mind is a reflection of the space that you inhabit, so having too many belongings in one place could impair your ability to think clearly and make sound judgments. This principle is also a chance to reinforce the fact that you need very few things to be happy, and most of them won’t be tangible objects.

feng shui bedroom scented candles relaxation sania pell

Calming candlelight ideas from Sania Pell’s blog

In addition, you should create a space that appeals to all of your senses. When people think of interior design, they most often associate it with a home that looks nice. While it is important to have a good visual presentation, you should also think of touch, sound and, perhaps most importantly, scent. You can improve your bedroom’s ability to put you at ease by adding soothing, natural scents such as warmed tea tree oil or lavender. When it comes to touch, you’ll want to put extra thought into choosing your bed linens. A plush mattress topper can provide your tired muscles with a respite after a long day, and sheets made from a high thread count or a blend that includes silk can help lead you into a deeper slumber. Add a fan to provide a little white noise to override outside noise such as traffic if you live in a busy city center.

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Gorgeous bedroom makeover by Karenmills.net blog

You should also feel like your bedroom is a mirror image of your spirit, so incorporate the things that you love, such as old keepsakes or your favorite artwork. Being surrounded these pieces will increase your sense of well-being by reminding you of some of the most common sources of joy. Incorporating plant life can have the same effect.

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