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How Scarlett Johansson Ended Up Playing Black Widow & Role In Avengers : Age Of Ultron

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by Mikeylately @MikeyLately

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Scarlett Johansson sat down with  W Magazine and gave some insight on how she ended up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She also shares with us a some details about the upcoming Avengers movie. Check out what she has to say below.

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“I loved Iron Man, and I met with Marvel to see what was possible,” she explained, revealing, “People were surprised that I wanted to play a comic book heroine.”

She said that, before her meeting with Marvel Studios, “I had done my research, and the Black Widow character resonated with me. She is dark and has faced death so many times that she has a deep perspective on the value of life.”

On what drew her to the role, she spoke of her admiration of the character: “Black Widow is a superhero, but she’s also human. She’s small, but she’s strong. It’s hard not to admire her. She packs a big punch.”

She also shared what she believes makes the character relatable. “We all try to fight the forces of evil. Like Black Widow, you have to keep trying. The challenge is always there.”

“In the sequel, you learn more about the sadness in her past,” she teased, hinting at things to come in this summer’s Age of Ultron.

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