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How Rewards Make You an Idiot

By Zeusdreamcaster @rhmadi


This is all what our lives spin around from the first moment of birth till after our deaths.

People are obsessed with being rewarded for there achievements more than they care about the achievement itself. This is not limited only to politics or science or music.  I’m not gonna waste time talking about good and bad fame,  nor on the overly used topics of fame.

What I have noticed after I have met a lot of people in my life is that recognition is the bedrock on which they build their lives,  dreams,  jobs,  and ambitions.
They date people they don’t like,  just to get their friends talking about them. They spend sleepless nights working on projects or assignments to reach the highest ranks in their work fields.

Honestly,  I don’t blame them.  This is the way they were raised. From their birth,  parents feed thier kids the spirits of competition. They instruct them to work hard in order to get the recognition they desire.  Does anyone care about enjoying the work done? Do these kids enjoy school instead of working their assess off to get the recognition their parents want? Consequently,  no more creativity prevails amongst today’s kids.

Our minds are busy with the rewards, Nobel prizes, dinners,  lights,  and newspaper articles. Did we leave any space for joy or creativity? Some great people of our age rejected Nobel prizes because they considered them as insults. People are respecting or honoring them because of the Nobel prize,  and not the work or achievement itself.

Work and enjoy the work you are doing.  Fame might come to you,  and it may not.

If you are rewarded by idiots,  then you are more idiotic than them. If you wait for others to give you the good feelings about yourself,  then are doomed,  dead,  not alive.

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