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How Others Perceive Me ; I Do Not Snort Calpol

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I often wonder how others percieve me and could not help but laugh when one of my friends on my Facebook mums group wrote this about me: I thought I would share. Can I add I do not recommend anyone snort Calpol.

How Others Perceive Me ; I Do Not Snort Calpol

Do I Look Like I Snort Calpol?

 Emma White. A ordinary name for a ordinary person. Grab a coffee, Google Emma Supermum White and think again. Emma has 6 kids, a husband, two kittens, two lizards and a house to look after. 

Supermum has 600 women, trolls, a group, and a blog to look after. She likes the kittens best


 A day in the life of Emma would mean her washing machine flooding, her husband having his xbox controller confiscated and shake n vac being spilt all over her in some bizarre stair cleaning incident, meaning she goes school looking like a dandruff invasion has caught hold.

 A day for Spermum is helping 600 pre/post period women with every possible thing. Various coloured things coming out of them, cane injury’s from fifty shades fun going wrong, how much flour to put in a cake, keeping the group on track, kicking the trolls out and finally going to bed with a Redbull because coffee is for wimps.

Emma as a rule is quiet and sort of reserved, shy. 

Supermum on any given night and when the moons in the right place is literally swinging off the chandeliers whilst blogging about inhaling Calpol and testing he effects it has to see if it works quicker up your nose than in your mouth.

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