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How Much Do Women Spend on Clothes?

By Koridonahue @blondeepisodes

How Much Do Women Spend on Clothes?

How much do you spend on clothes?People often joke about how much time women spend shopping and how long it takes them to choose an outfit in the morning, but research has revealed that the actual average amount spent on clothing and the amount of women who struggle to find an outfit may be more shocking than you might think.

The average woman spends almost £84k in her lifetime on clothes which includes £13,989 ($21,502) on shoes, £7,699 ($11,834) on dresses and £5,420 ($8,331) on bags. As well as already confirming what most men thought they already knew, the research also revealed that 60% of women reckon that they still struggle to find something to wear when it comes to going out with friends or getting ready for work, with 41% admitting to at least two outfit changes per day.  
Although it may seem like these women are spending a lot on clothes, our spending habits as a whole appear to be changing with less money on average going towards food and eating out, and more going on clothes and shoes.
The average family still spends less than they did before the recession (£35 a week less to be precise, $53) and although they spend £6.40 ($9 a week less on food, the average weekly spend on items like clothes and shoes now sits at around £9.60 ($14) more than 2007. One possible suggestion for these figures is that shopping for things like clothes is often seen as somewhat of a ‘treat’.
As the UK is still feeling the effects of the recession, some people may be indulging in clothing and fashion as a way to try and forget about daily life and, with the increasing popularity of outlets like online clothes shopping at for those treats, it’s never been easier to buy a pair of shoes or a new top on your lunch break..

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