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How Much Construction Estimators Get Paid

By Futli @futlim

To be a construction estimator, it takes a lot of brain power and tedious cost counting, but it truly does pay off. This type of job is extremely high paying and is definitely for people that like to keep track of things and who want to excel at their position.

Estimators not only count the costs it will require to build a project, but they must also take into account the money that will be spent on wasted materials. For example, weather can ruin materials as well as having shipping delays that can effect when materials show up on the job site. Sometimes there are several estimators per project as some companies have their people specialize in one area. For example, in a construction job one estimator may just estimate concrete and form settings while another estimates landscaping and excavation. No matter what you do as a construction estimator, you will be paid handsomely for your work.

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Most people in this job position make -k per year to start. Much more can be made depending on experience and length of time with the company. On top of the great salary pay there are also full benefit packages that are also included. Health, retirement, dental, and optical benefit packages are very normal for this type of job position.

As you can see having this type of job takes some serious work and education, but once achieved, it can blossom into an exciting career that can jump start you into a great lifestyle.

How Much Construction Estimators Get Paid

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