How Mobile Technology is Changing the Gambling Industry

Posted on the 29 November 2021 by Saeed Ashif Ahmed @saeedashifahmed

Online betting through mobile devices has been on the rise even before the global pandemic erupted and disrupted the world in 2020. With the lockdown for a large part of 2020 and even 2021 for some countries, online gambling rose significantly.

With millions of people having free time and looking for things to do, many of them turned to online gambling and got hooked. According to reports, it is estimated that about 50% of gamblers use their mobile devices to gamble online in 2019.

Although there are no recent statistics to back it, it is expected that the growth of mobile gamblers between 2019 and 2021 would have significantly increased. Thanks to the acceptance of gambling in many countries, online gambling through mobile devices would continue to grow.

With numerous recommended mobile casino apps & sites in the online space, punters have numerous choices to explore.

Why Mobile Gambling is on the Rise

More Mobile-friendly Gambling Sites are Available

Betting platforms now offer punters an opportunity to choose between game download and instant play modes. With instant play, you do not have to download an app you can begin to play in-browser immediately.

This is a welcome choice for many people, especially when you do not want to have a gambling site stored on your device for personal reasons. It also means you do not have to take up memory space with a game app on your device and since most sites are mobile-friendly, it becomes easy to access instant play mode on the go.

Players do not have to sit with their laptops to access games. Right from anywhere, they can access game platforms from their mobile browsers and gamble to their hearts' content.

Covid-19 Restrictions

There is no way we would talk about the growth of mobile gambling without mentioning the impact of Covid-19 on the growth. With restrictions that were put in place by different governments of various countries, people have to turn to some form of entertainment, and gambling is for many people.

Since brick-and-mortar casinos were shut down due to social distancing protocols, online gambling sites became the next option. Online gambling means you can access gambling websites from the comfort of your home and with an increase in mobile-friendly sites; it became easy to choose from a plethora of websites.

Rise in eSports in the Gambling Industry

Of course, not many people are casino games fans but a large percentage of people are sports fans. Since most physical sports events and tournaments were suspended because of the Coronavirus, eSport took over to offer the same entertainment that sports fans are looking for.

With an opportunity twist to bet on sports, it became an easy attraction for many people. People that ordinarily would not visit betting sites have reasons to visit bookmakers' sites, thanks to various eSports tournaments and games available to bet on.


Mobile technology has significantly affected the growth of the gambling industry positively and it is expected that the growth will continue. Many land-based gambling platforms have seen the trend and are also opening shops online to attract gamblers from across the world.

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