4 Reasons to Develop a School Management System from Scratch

Posted on the 21 December 2021 by Saeed Ashif Ahmed @saeedashifahmed

Without any doubt, school management software is extremely useful. With a single software, a school can track everything. Be it students' records, teachers' records and their payroll, and so on. Hence many schools are considering developing a school management system.

4 reasons to develop a school management system from scratch

In case if you too need school management software, then you must be wondering how to create a school management system. But before you build a school management software, let me talk about the reasons why you should build school management system from scratch.

So let's get into the topic right away:

4 reasons to develop a school management system from scratch

Custom Features

Developing a custom school management system is an ideal solution when you want custom features. For instance, most of the premade solutions come with generic features that meet larger needs.

But every school or institution has its own needs. As a result, they do need their features, which are hard to find in a premade software solution.

So in case, if you do want to have custom features that prebuilt software doesn't really have. Then going building a school management software from scratch would be the best idea.

It will give you the freedom to only have the features that you really want and not fill up the software with unnecessary features. Hence it would come in handy to learn how to make a school management app.

More Personalized Experience

When you custom-build software, you can personalize it. For instance, the system will have the color and logo of your school and so on.

But we don't really get to see the same happening with premade software. However, premade software does come with customization options. But there are limitations.

However, when you make school management software from scratch, you can personalize it. For instance, you can place the features at your preferred location and so on.


Another cool part of building software from scratch is that you get the benefit of scalability. As you start using your school management system, you are going to need more and more features over time.

Also, you may require additional server storage and technologies to improve your school management software.

But unfortunately, when you go with a premade solution, you don't really get any scalability options. Like, of course, you can get more space for the system.

However, if you wish to use a newer technology or add additional features, there will hardly be an option.

But when you go with custom software, you can add additional features from time to time. Also, introduce newer technologies to your existing software. Just make sure you are keeping your source code close.


Lastly, building software from scratch can be cost-effective. However, one may argue that building software from scratch costs a lot. And that's true to some extent.

Most of the school management software comes with a paid subscription or license, which you need to renew each year. And these subscriptions or licenses do cost a lot.

But when it comes to a custom solution, you are only paying for the software once. There are no yearly recurring charges.

As a result, in the long run, custom-built school management software is much more cost-effective compared to pre-made solutions.

Also, you can further cut down the cost if you choose to work with a freelance developer. However, the only drawback is that with freelance developers, you don't really get the support of software maintenance.

Final Words

So those were a few reasons why you should develop a school management system. To start building software, you can now Google how to develop a school management system software, and you will get lots of handfuls of guides. Or you can always hire a software development firm.

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