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How May I Help You?

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

There are so many simple ways to help someone.

How May I Help You?
Hold the door for someone even though you are running late yourself.
Lend someone a hand when they are walking on slippery ground.
Bring in your elderly neighbors mail.
Lighten someone’s load by helping to carry books or groceries.
Help your neighbor with a project or in the yard.
Shovel your elderly neighbors snow.
Offer to do an errand for someone.
Be a mentor or tutor.
Share an experience with someone going through something similar.
Take on an extra chore in the house for the day.
Give directions to someone who looks confused.
Offer to pump someone’s gas for them.
Ask, “what can I help you with today?”

Be perceptive this week to those that might need a little bit of help.  Share a minute or two (or 20!) of your time — as often as you can.

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