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How IT Can Save Your Business Money

Posted on the 29 June 2020 by Dfennell @BloggerGo

IT is an important aspect for the success of even the smallest of businesses, due to the many features and benefits it has over businesses that don’t use it. It can make communication easier, allow you to store information safely, and give you the tools to expand your company. Despite this, there is one overlooked feature of IT, which is that it provides avenues for your business to significantly save money in the long term.

However, IT is an investment, and much like most investments, you don’t see the reward of it until way into the future. It’s because of this that many companies view a robust IT department as a luxury for the bigger businesses, although this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Third-party IT Support makes IT Affordable

For small businesses, the startup cost and then the continued cost of maintenance can be expensive when first using IT and can make a lot of these companies hesitant to implement a robust IT network. This can negatively affect a business, as it means they’ll be significantly disadvantaged without the technology, and won’t have access to the same resources that some of their bigger competitors will have, which could potentially eradicate them from emerging in that market.

Thankfully, there is a smart and sensible solution, and this is to use a third-party IT support company to manage the entirety of your IT. This includes connectivity, hardware and software maintenance and online security for an affordable monthly fee that is significantly cheaper than implementing an entire IT department yourself.

USWired is a San Francisco based IT company providing knowledge and affordable support for your business, regardless of size. It can manage all aspects of IT, giving your business peace of mind and freedom to pursue other tasks and achieve separate goals. It also saves money on staffing as your business won’t have to pay to train and hire their own personnel and it eliminates maintenance costs.

IT Makes Your Staff More Productive

IT can also be a good investment because of how it can streamline your workload, making things easier to get done and thus making you and your staff more productive. This means that after a short while, the boost in productivity will eventually pay off the costs of setting up your IT or getting in a third-party IT support company.

One of the ways IT can make things go faster is the ability to use specific designated software that are purpose built to aid in certain administration tasks. There’s software that allows staff to organize the schedule and others that help in managing the finances — with these tools even automating aspects of these tasks — meaning your staff can spend more time and energy on more important projects.

IT Makes Home Working A Possibility

With IT creating a secure network between your staff where they’re able to contact each other instantly with emails, it opens the door for remote working. As with cloud computing, a feature that most IT includes, will give your staff access to the same files, programs and software to the ones that are in the office. The benefits of working from home can be staggering. It gives staff a better work-life balance, boosting engagement and productivity, and it limits the need for a designated office space, meaning that you might be able to downsize, or eliminate the need for an office altogether. This could save the business a significant amount of money every year, which can be used in other departments to help the business grow.

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