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How Is What Kansas Governor Brownback Wants To Do Even Legal?

Posted on the 10 February 2016 by Morage @kebmebms

Kansas Governor Brownback and his very Republican cohorts are at it again.  Some more.
They haven't screwed up the state enough so they've come up with yet another terrific idea.  Have you seen this?
How Is What Kansas Governor Brownback Wants To Do Even Legal?

Brownback defends using public pension funds to fill Kansas budget hole

This is incredible.
There they are, Kansas pensions---people's money, retirement money, at that, just sitting there, like a big pile of rescue for Governor Sam "I Can Screw Up Anything" Brownback  and he wants to tap into it, take money away from and out of it, and all because he and the Republicans in his state slashed taxes for the rich and corporations, screwing up Kansas' budgets.
This is conceivable, sure, just as sure as the first robbery by one person from another ever was. 
What it also is, however is unconscionable.  
He and his Kansas Republican Party screw up, they deplete the state's coffer and budgets and so what does he want to do to fix his empty bank accounts?
He wants to take money from former and current Kansas state employees pensions and all because, well, hell, it IS just sitting there, after all.
I ask again---how in God's name is this even legal?
Why can a sitting state governor arbitrarily tap into an already set up retirement fund of working people when it has and had nothing, ever, whatever to do with a state's budgeting or taxes?
And more, is there no one in Kansas to stand up and call this out for the blatant, ugly, irresponsible, misplaced theft and wrong that it is?
No Kansas Churches or clergy or ethicists or ANYONE in the entire state who cannot and will not call him out on this?
I ask again, how is this legal?  Why is this legal?  Can't it be made illegal and soon as possible so this highly immoral travesty doesn't take place and so it can't possibly happen again, in the future?
At least there's this. At least our own Kansas City Star is standing up against this theft, this nonsense.

Don’tletGovSamBrownbackdelaypaymentsfor Kansaspensions

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