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How Insane This Republican President Is

Posted on the 12 March 2018 by Morage @kebmebms

Extending the most bizarre Presidency in the history of our nation, bar none, at this moment, this same President's own political party is creating bills to undo the man's own very recent handiwork.
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GOP Talks of Bill to Thwart Tariffs

Here's what's happening:
Republican lawmakers are openly discussing legislation to limit President Donald Trump’s trade powers after the White House detailed plans last week to impose global tariffs on U.S. imports of steel and aluminum. It seems Benedict Donald decided, out of the blue and on his own, that he thought we should put tariffs, taxes on aluminum and steel because, you know, we just aren't a wealthy enough country yet. Once he made the decision, he created unilateral Executive Orders, taxing these more, trade agreements and partners be damned.
Now, bad as that is, what's great is that his own political party realizes and understands how crazy this all is, so they're writing a bill to limit his own very powers so he doesn't pull this kind of nonsense in the future.
Ya' just gotta' love these Republicans.
Well, when they aren't destroying the nation or environment or some such, anyway.
This is, as I have said before, the unprecedented Presidency, without doubt.

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