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How I Write My Reviews {Discuss #14}

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar


I’ve always wondered how other bloggers write their review post, so I’m here to share mine, and feel free to share yours on the comments below.

1. I ‘x’ all tabs that has nothing to do with my review post.

2. I open, my blog, and ‘add new post’

3. I go to Goodreads to get the cover of the book & put it on my post

4. I go to my blog and copy & paste the part where it says ‘genre, published, length, source’ and fill that up from the info given by Goodreads

5. I go back to Goodreads and copy & paste the summary of the book

6. I go to my blog and copy & paste the ‘review’ image

7. I write my review (it takes 20 min. max for me to compose my reviews)

8. Put all necessary categories & tags

9. Double check my post

10. Click ‘publish’ or ‘schedule’


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