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How I Treated 2 Stitches-worthy Wounds from Home

By Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

So, I decided to try to take some vermin control into my own hands and shoot the pellet gun that my husband usually handles. Needless to say, the scope ended up in my forehead, and I had quite the blood loss, much to the horror of my three small children who were watching. I mean, this thing was really deep. I used to do dentistry so I have a strong stomach. But something about the combination of a pretty nice whack to the head, a deep wound, blood dripping down my face and off my chin, and the sad little horrified faces of my boys, I got a little dizzy and nauseous.

how I treated 2 stitches-worthy wounds from home

Anyhow, the LAST thing in this lovely world that I wanted to do was drag 3 children to the ER for (eeexpensive) stitches.

Thankfully, I had some supplies on hand and treated the whole mess myself: But first I took pictures, because that's what every good modern woman does in this situation - I mean, face-marring wound just screams Selfie!! I also texted my husband "I hope you like chicks with face scars." Then, I got down to business:
  • Thieves, mixed with water on a cotton ball to help clean it up.
  • Lavender to help stop the bleeding. I just applied it neat straight on the wound with a q-tip.
  • Butterfly Bandage to put the two edges back together...(that's when I got a little nauseous)
  • A thin layer of Tissue Adhesive. Yes, I know, this is made for pets. But it's about 1/5 the cost of the ones they make for humans. Doesn't sting much by the way!
  • PanAway mixed with Arnica Gel rubbed around the area to help with swelling and bruising. I had zero bruising the next day. ZERO. Magic.
  • Once the liquid bandage was, ahem, removed by me about 24 hours later. I applied Melrose, neat, once a day.

Because of FDA regulations, I can't claim that Melrose helped the wound to heal more quickly and with less scarring than anything I've ever experienced in my whole entire 31 years, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking and you can decide for yourselves.

how I treated 2 stitches-worthy wounds from home

Needless to say, I'll be continuing to apply that stuff until the scar is completely gone. Not that I don't just love looking like a cage fighter.

Ironically, my sweet child bashed his head into the goal post on Saturday (making one sweet goal I might add) and I used this same process on his adorable little forehead. You guys. He. is. such. a. BOSS. That kid bled all over the place (in his eyes, down his neck, all over my hands, yieeeee) stopped all play for a good 15 minutes while a doctor from a neighboring field checked him out, I sopped up the mess with a blanket someone handed me in all of the madness, smacked a bandaid on it, got the ok from the doc, and he went out to score 2 more goals.

Boss. I'm so proud of this kid.

I also feel pretty proud of myself for saving us $3000 in ER fees this week! And also, we are going to consider being more careful. We aren't good at that. I'd rather my kids break an arm being adventurous than never experience fun, crazy, exciting things. I also don't want them to be fearful.

That's why I let Henry go back out on the field. I want him to know that just because he got hurt, it doesnt mean that he has anything to fear. Pain is part of the process. Part of the journey. It's part of becoming really good at something. It's no reason to stop. I wanted him to know that he could overcome something really scary and painful, and not let it stop him from pursuing what he loves.

So I guess I'll be stocking up on the VetBond... If you want to have access to these amazing oils, sign up HERE as a wholesale member to receive them at a 24% discount

live well. be well.

how I treated 2 stitches-worthy wounds from home

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