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How I'm Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

By Goodbadandfab @goodbadandfab
fall outfit idea 2019 Currently dealing with major postpartum hair loss. So I got highlights and bangs.
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Postpartum hair loss is hitting hard and heavy so instead of dwelling on it, I decided to go to Loft 647 to get bangs and highlights. The salon has such a zen vibe and is quite the Weho hidden gem. For me, the worst part of the fallout isn't the actual hair loss but the endless strands of hair that end up all over my floor. My OCD kicks into overdrive and I'm literally walking around head down with my eyes scavenging for and picking up loose strands wishing they made tiny vacuum cleaners that could fit into my pocket.
When I see the clumps of hair circling my shower drain. I take comfort in knowing that this is just temporary and shall soon pass. That and maximum strength biotin.

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