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How I Came Up with My Baby's Name

By Mommynimfa @wazzuridea
One of the most exciting parts of being a parent is deciding for the child's name. A person's name is very important, not just for his identity but for important documents as well. The first time I learned I was pregnant, I immediately think of what to name my baby. Actually I really assumed of having a boy so I think of a boy's name first. That's when I thought a biblical name would be nice. So I came upon Nathaniel... Then hubby wants letter "J" as initial since his name starts with J. So I looked for biblical names starting with J. That's when I came up with "Jairus"
How I Came Up with my Baby's Name
Jairus means "he will enlighten"
I was pleased with Jairus alone, but hubby wants a second name. So I thought, "JAIRUS NATHAN" would be alright. But Nathan is very common and Regine's son was known for Nathan...or Nate, which was the nickname I would like to give if my son was named Nathan. So we just considered another name. One day husband and I were talking about basketball and we mentioned Calvin Abueva and Kiefer Ravena. Since hubby was a varsity player and he's also a fan of basketball, we just decided to add Calvin or "Kiefer" to Jai's name. Obviously, I like Kiefer more than Calvin hehe
How I Came Up with my Baby's Name
Kiefer really means forest dweller...and I even found out there's a glutton who's name was Kiefer. But we got this name from Ateneo's ace player Kiefer Ravena. And he also owns jersey number 15 which happens to be Jairus' birth date too. Coincidence? 

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