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How HCG Creams Work On Weight Loss: Benefits, Side Effects and Where to Buy

By Shannon Martin @purehcgdietdrop

What would you say if someone tells you that you can lose weight by applying a cream- will you believe that? Yes, you heard it right! Had it been a year or two early, no one would have believed such a concept of weight loss. But in today's world where everything is possible, there are creams available in the market that can initiate weight loss with zero pain and effort. Though difficult to believe but it is true and these wonder creams are called as HCG creams which are applied externally alongside the HCG diet regularly to experience phenomenal weight loss. The HCG creams are organic and thus safe in nature without any major side-effects. Here are more details about the HCG creams, their application, Side-Effects and how to order them and get benefited easily.

What is HCG cream?

To know what HCG cream is, you first need to know what HCG diet is. HCG diet refers to a strict form of diet protocol where the food consumption is controlled along with the inclusion of Human Gonadotropin Hormone (HCG) in one's body to break the excess fat deposits and release instant energy for the body to function well. Also, this hormone does not cause any adverse side-effects and hence you can use it confidently. The HCG creams contain HCG in sufficient amount which serves the purpose in a similar way like the HCG pills and drops. With HCG cream, the process becomes simpler as one can externally apply the same and leave it so that the skin absorbs it and the hormone reaches the blood stream. It is also medically proven that the hormone reaches bloodstream faster if you apply it on skin. Another reason for preferring HCG cream over injections or pellets is that the hormone when directly reaches the stomach it reacts with the acids there which can result in some complications or side-effects. But this is not the case with the creams meant for external usage. Hence, the easiest way would be to apply the cream and see the difference.

How to use it?

Here is a detailed summary of the HCG cream diet protocol. In HCG diet plan, the ideal calorie count that one can consume is 500 to 800 calories per day. Such low calories trigger weight loss and ketosis where the body tries to burn the fat to create the extra energy required for stability and warmth. In this technique you need to apply the HCG cream every day along with a strict diet that includes the following:

  • A light breakfast with sugarless tea or coffee with just a tablespoon of milk
  • Lunch and dinner could include some breadstick and enough proteins with one type of vegetables and a fruit

With this diet in place and a regular application of the HCG cream on a daily basis all seven days a week makes you lose weight in no time and also look energetic and active.

Side effects of HCG cream

Many times while discussing the weight loss therapies, side effects are the first and foremost aspects of the discussion. With HCG cream, there is no probability of side effect and that too a harmful one. These hormones are naturally extracted and administered cautiously as per instructions from the physician. This pure form of HCG hormone does not break the muscle mass but works only on the fat deposits thereby causing no wasting of essential muscles. The typical side effects that can be noticed in some patients are unusual hair growth, enlarged breasts, hyper ovulation, fatigue or headache. But these symptoms are seen only in the initial days as these fade off quickly upon regular usage.

Impact on Homeopathic and Real HCG protocol

Homeopathic HCG is the one that comes with a minimal amount of HCG along with other vitamin and mineral supplements. These are available over the counter and you can purchase them from any online dealer without a prescription. These are great for those with low weightless requirements, especially works great to maintain the weight. But when the weight is really high and it requires immediate attention, you should go for the pure form of HCG as in injections, Real HCG Drops, pellets or even creams. When the person is under pure HCG medication, he or cannot choose the homeopathic HCG as the effect is slow; weight loss is very slow and does not help in getting quick results.

Where to buy them?

The pure HCG cream is not available online from all dealers. There are few trusted pure HCG cream dealers who can make the correct dosage and deliver it to the customers at their doorsteps. Also, there will be a regular screening and physician examination before the approval of the order. This is to check if the person is suffering from any other ailment that could interfere with the HCG treatment. You can order the HCG creams online and there are deals where you shall get exclusive discounts and a great value for money. And if the person doesn't get satisfactory results after using the product, there are money back guarantee offers available too. Read HCG Buying Guide for more information.

Every time you decide to plan a diet regime and follow the same, you try to find cheats to eat your favorite food that makes your diet protocol go waste. However, with the HCG diet and the supplements like HCG creams you will not feel hunger pangs, abnormal appetite etc. affecting you during your diet program. With HCG cream by your side, you are sure to lose weight, look energetic and enigmatic and stay healthy. This is thus the best way to celebrate your life!

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