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30 Easy Tips To Maximize Weight Loss On HCG Diet

By Shannon Martin @purehcgdietdrop

For anyone who has tried any diet program, you know how hard staying on the program can be. This is especially true during the first few days at 10 am when you're still starving and you've already eaten the allowed number of calories or what you made yourself for dinner.

The HCG diet, although you get fewer hunger pangs, will still require the same focus and determination in order for you to get maximum results. However, sometimes fortune may not always be on our side or we may not be feeling very well enough to continue on the diet.

Thus we give you this guide!

As the name suggests, this guide has 30 Easy tips on maximizing weight loss.

We'll give you tips for all Phases of the HCG program!

To begin, here are:

General Tips/ Pre-diet Tips

1. Learn How to Mix your HCG correctly

If you're using Prescription HCG oral drops or Injections, you're going to need to learn how to mix your HCG correctly. HCG is a hormone and with time it loses potency. if mixed incorrectly, you won't get the most out of your HCG.

Your HCG needs to be properly prepared so that it becomes as bioavailable as possible for your body to absorb. This is crucial as you want your body to take in as much HCG as possible for the best possible effects - weight loss, fat burning.

Always read the mixing instructions before mixing your HCG. Make sure all your materials are prepared. Don't go stabbing in the dark (Literally).

Regardless if your HCG is already ready-to-take, the next tip will still apply:

2. Learn How to Store your HCG correctly

HCG naturally loses potency because it is an active ingredient. Just like any other food or medications, you will need to store it properly. When not stored properly, your HCG might lose potency faster.

As a general rule, store your drops in a cool dry place:

If you're preparing your own food for Phase 2 of the diet or eating out for Phase 1 of the diet, you'll need to watch your calories. You'll also need to learn how to compute calories.

The calories you compute is based on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). One of the easiest formulas is the Katch-McArdle Formula:

F is body fat percentage

As you can see, this can get complicated, especially when you're doing it for the duration of a month for the HCG diet program.

One of the best ways is to use a calorie counter app. It's easy and just plug in the food you eat. However, one of the disadvantages is that there might not be information for the food you order in a restaurant.

Some of the highest rating Calorie counting app in Google Play are:

4. Don't stray from the Approved food list

This sounds simple enough, right?

But here's the problem:

There will be some days when your family members will keep insisting you have just one tiny bite of cake or your office workers invite everyone for a night of drinks.

The thing is multiple small bad habits are actually the reasons why diet programs fail. The HCG diet program works but for it to work you have to stick to it.

Don't eat that single bite of cake. The calories add up! And they all count.

Now we're going to move on to:

Tips to Help You Prepare for the HCG Diet During Phase 1

5. Remember to take your HCG drops

One of the two main components of the HCG diet is: HCG Supplementation.

Who would've guessed, right?

Well, it's completely relevant here because as you move on in the program and get busier, you might be forgetting to take your HCG drops.

You will need a certain amount of HCG level in the body for you to feel HCG effects and the only way to do it is through consistent daily supplementation.

You cannot just take five servings in one day because you simply forgot for a few days. HCG is a hormone and hormones in excess are processed into a different hormone - negating the effects of over supplementation and increasing your risk for side effects.

The best way to not forget is to set your daily timer the night before. When your last timer goes off then set the next three for the next day.

The colon cleanse we are talking about here isn't the enemas where water, herbs, or coffee is flushed into your rectal vault. We're talking about oral colon stimulating supplements.

Colon cleanses have been around for decades. The Greeks used them to cure many abdominal illnesses.

Some HCG diet programs offer colon cleanses. These are done either before Phase 1 or during Phase 1. A colon cleanse isn't all that risk for you because you'll only be doing once during the HCG diet program.

7. Binge as much as you can

According to the original HCG diet protocol, you'll need to eat as much as you can before starting your very low-calorie diet.

This is so that you ensure your body has enough of the macro and micronutrients that it will use during the very low-calorie diet .

According to HCG providers, you can eat anything.

Use this time to fulfill all your sweet and salty cravings.

So if you've got all that, read on:

Tips to Keep You Going During the Low-Calorie Phase (Phase 2)

8. Avoid temptations at home

Ever heard of the saying out of sight out of mind?

Well, this is exactly one way of how to help yourself stick to the Very low-calorie diet.

The Eating environment is often one thing that people overlook when they start diets . Eating environments isn't just restaurants and bars it also includes our homes.

Ways to improve your home eating environment are:

Aside from the house, one often overlooked place is the route to work:

9. Change your work route

You may not realize it but you could be passing the same restaurant every day. Just like at home, you may be passing by places that trigger your mind into thinking about unhealthy food. Changing your work routine to avoid fast food places and restaurants changes your eating environment as well

If you're unsure about your new work route, you can use a free mapping website or app such as Google Maps which provides you with multiple routes and different modes of transportation - walking, biking, commuting, and driving.

10. Join a local support group

According to studies, weight loss support groups have the benefit of offering continuous encouragement and support to maintain the diet program. They're also cheaper than Commercial support groups.

These kinds of groups are helpful in making sure that you stick to the HCG diet. Make sure that you choose an HCG diet specific one. You can find support groups through social media or online that meet up on a regular basis.

Aside from local support groups, there are other ways to get support:

11. Check out an online forum

Online internet forums are valuable resources. They offer the advantage of being accessible and convenient. They are best for people who cannot access face-to-face meetings. .

Make sure that you chose an HCG specific one. A majority of legitimate brands have links to online forums where their users can discuss different concerns about the HCG diet. You can also read about experiences and get tips from other users.

If that doesn't suit you, then you can also try to:

12. Get a friend to do it with you

Involving a close friend or a spouse significantly decreases diet program dropout rates. The important part here is that when you get a friend or lover to do it with you, you support each other. The participation of a loved one is more valuable when they're not disciplining you.

If you're getting a loved one or friend in on the HCG journey, make sure that they're into it too. If they express their reluctance to make changes in their food and habits, they can become a greater obstacle to your weight loss journey.

13. Log your daily food intake

Food journals are a favorite tool of nutritionists. Studies have shown that those with food journals lose twice as much weight as those without. This is because keeping a food journal helps us reflect on the food choices we make.

According to Dr. Bachman, one of the study proponents:

If taking notes and writing down what you've eaten is tedious for you, then try keeping notes on your phone.

Here are some ways to motivate yourself into completing the program:

14. Start the day with meditation

We all kind of know what meditation is - with yoga being one of the more popular activities nowadays. And we've heard it all before how meditation deals with stress.

But did you that Meditation also directly deals with weight loss?

It's not the burning calories by sitting down quietly on the floor, for sure. Meditation rewires the brain into not giving into unhealthy habits. It also lowers blood pressure and loneliness which calms you down and prevents overeating or stress eating.

15. Take progress photos

We've already talked about how keeping a food journal can help weight loss.

Don't be shy!

Take your Before and After shots and take it at least once a month. Don't forget to also note down your weight. Remember to take the pictures and your weight on the same day of the month and around the same time.

The Approved food list is very stringent, so the next few are tips on how to not get bored with the HCG diet:

16. Experiment with new recipes

Many studies have shown how boredom ultimately leads to weight gain. Some people snack when they're bored.

Furthermore, research also shows how home-cooking aids weight loss . People who weren't losing weight but cooked and ate at home for the majority of the week, loss weight versus people who ate out.

Not just that!

With the HCG weight loss program, at one point or another, you'll have to be preparing meals yourself.

Here's where you can find new recipes:

17. Try a meal delivery program

Although it's an added cost, having a meal delivery program could be the best option for you. A meal delivery program is usually done by the nutritionist and is made balanced with the needed vitamins and minerals. They're convenient because you need not plan your own meals and count your own calories.

To be safe, choose to subscribe to a program that is targeted, for HCG diet users. Make sure you read the menu before ordering for the week. You can order directly from an HCG provider as another option.

18. Try a meal replacement shake or bar

Lots of HCG providers offer both meal replacements and meal delivery programs.

So what's the difference?

As opposed to meal delivery programs, meal replacements are not sit-down meals. Meal replacements shake and bars are on-the-go full meals balanced with all the micro and macronutrients you need.

If you're a busy person or too tired to sit down for your meals, then, by all means, go for meal replacement products. Just make sure they're allowed on the HCG diet - no sugar, no unhealthy fats.

A good rule of thumb is either to order from an HCG provider or stick to products with 1-2 ingredients only: nuts, dates, etc.

19. Drink protein shakes

Some HCG brands offer their own protein shake formulas.

Protein shakes are beneficial because increases in protein help build more muscle. Increased protein intake also helps keep you full longer.

Make sure your Protein shakes are HCG diet compatible. You can do this by checking the label. The safest way is to order from HCG providers or to get one targeted toward HCG diet users.

Tips to Help you Burn More During the Low-Calorie Phase (Phase 2)

20. Take a Multivitamin Supplement

With just 500-1200 calories and an approved food list, the HCG diet can be restricting for some. Thus a multivitamin supplement is recommended in order to fill in any nutritional gaps you might have.

Look for supplements that you can take on an empty stomach or gentle on the stomach. Some people don't take multivitamins because of the side effects of bloating and discomfort.

Set a time of the day taking your supplement such as upon waking up so that it's easier to remember.

21. Get your metabolism revved up with some light exercise

In the HCG diet, you don't necessarily need to lift heavy and run 3 kilometers in order to lose weight. In fact, light exercise is preferred.

Majority of people who start exercising give up exercising because they find it boring or it's inconvenient for them.

Choose a convenient and consistent time to exercise. There are plenty of light exercises to choose from. Pick the one most interesting to you.

22. Choose to be more active

No. We don't mean more exercise or sports. What we mean is in your daily life choose the more active path.

Try this: Ask yourself if you had to go up a building 2 floors up, would you...

Take the stairs or Take the elevator?

If you're like the majority of people, you would choose to take the elevator.

Modern technology has made everything more convenient but sadly the rate of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension is also increasing.

But a 160 lb person would burn 4 calories per minute going up the stairs in a slow pace. If your daily commute is around 15-30 mins and you walk around the rest of the day for a good extra 15-30 minutes taking stairs, then you would have burned an extra 200 to 300 calories without realizing it

23. Start the day with Tea

It's a well-known fact in Japan that green tea/ Matcha helps keep you slim. It comes to no surprise that a majority of Japanese clothes have smaller sizes versus Western brands. Research shows that in overweight and obese adults who are choosing to lose weight, taking green tea helps them lose 1 to 7 lbs more weight than those who didn't take green tea.

However, green tea isn't the only thing that helps you drop weight. Black tea, Pu'erh Tea, Oolong tea, and White tea all help in managing weight. Tea changes the way our gut microbiota reacts to undigested carbohydrates.

If you're not a tea person, why not:

24. Have a cup of Joe in the morning

Coffee also has its fair share of benefits. A cup of black coffee (no cream/ milk, no sugar) is only just 2 calories. Coffee helps you with weight loss, having a lower Body Mass Index (), and fat burning.

Studies showed that increasing your caffeine intake increases weight reduction, Body Mass Index () reduction, and fat mass by 22%, 17%, and 28% accordingly.

Starting your day with a morning coffee sounds like a good easy way to lose weight.

25. Sleep on time and sleep well

The term "Rest and Digest" comes to mind when talking about sleep and weight loss.

When we sleep, our body is in restorative and digestive mode. We better absorb and break down nutrients in our sleep .

Being sleep deprived also gives us less impulse control. Which is why when we're sleepy, we tend to eat more sweet and salty food .

Planning your meals helps you better keep track of the calories you consume. When you plan your meals you're also more mindful of the food you eat or where your food comes from.

One simple way to make meal preparation easier is to prepare all your meals for the week on a weekend and freeze them. Keep them in microwavable and freezable containers.

Then when you need them, you can just defrost your meal and bring it to work or to the gym.

27. Read the Label on your cosmetics

Certain cosmetics can use unhealthy fats. According to the original HCG protocol and some modern ones, you'll have to watch out for what we apply to our skin.

However, with the HCG diet, every calorie counts as you're trying as much as possible to burn fats instead of storing them.

If you're unsure, read the ingredients list. The first item that appears after the word "Ingredients" makes up most of your cosmetics and toiletries.

Next, we have:

Tips to Help You Keep the Weight You've Lost (Phase 3)

28. Stick to the eating schedule

We've all heard the advice "Eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones". But just how true is it?

When you're less hungry, you're not mindlessly going to eat an entire bag of M&M's or will you give into your junk food cravings. This helps you maintain the weight you've lost after going through the HCG diet program.

Try to plan your meals and divide bigger 3 meals into 6 small meals. Have plenty of fruits and veggies as snacks and keep your protein for you main meals.

What if grazing throughout the day isn't for me?

Well, you can always:

29. Practice Mindfulness in eating

Here's the thing: Science has recently found that years of bad dieting and poor decision making (i.e. eating loads of sugar and fat) has wired your brain to desire fattier and saltier food. .

So how can Mindfulness help?

Mindfulness is a practice that has recently gained popularity. It means that in a moment in time you are fully aware of what is happening to the environment and of your own personal mental and physical response to the environment. It's basically being 100% present in the moment. .

Mindfulness has recently been shown to produce permanent changes in the brain. . In other words, being constantly mindful of what we are craving for and what we choose to eat changes our brain into wanting healthier choices in the long term.

You don't gain the weight back because, in the first place, your brain will no longer crave unhealthy food.

As you eat your food, take time to appreciate all the flavors and sensations. Also notice your fullness level in order to avoid overeating. Taking a page out of Japanese eating culture, stop when you are 3/4ths full and not bursting.

Last but not the least:

My favorite tip:

Yes. I know this is cliche'. But let me explain to you why it is so important.

I could give 100 tips and it all won't make a difference if you don't stick to the diet.

Remember to try out the tips that interest you most.

Don't be afraid to try out new things!

30 Easy Tips To Maximize Weight Loss On HCG Diet

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