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How Have You Managed Your New Years Resoultions ?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

How have you managed your New Years resoultions ?

This post is an anonymous guest post

Every year so many of us have certain things that we want to do, stop or change & what better time than at New Year as a resolution.Realisically though are all the thing we say our resolutions are achievable? If so then why do we have to wait until New Year to do them & not just do them…it’s called will power & New Years gives us the excuse to do them.Since I was about twenty my New Years resolution has been to quit smoking & to eat more healthy foods…these have never happened.  This is probably because I felt pressurised into them as people close to me (my OH & parents) wanted me to quit…I didn’t I enjoyed having a cigarette (it was like a stress relief)It has been said that there is an approximate date when people fail there New Years resolution by which is the 16th January, so if you have not failed, given up by that point then you are well on your way to achieving your goals.My New Years resolutions this year were:
  • To get into a proper sleep pattern & try to bed in bed at a reasonable hour (instead of being up until 3am & then feeling drained the following day) – I am getting there, it’s just taking a bit of time to get into another sleep pattern.
  • To eat healthy – this is going well, I am loving salads & have bought low fat alternatives to what I would normally buy as well as not eating to late on a night (I need to loose some weight for my wedding in just 17 weeks!!!
  • To exercise more – this one has been put on hold as I am having trouble with my ankle but as soon as I feel up to it Hello Zumba on the Wii!!!

Do you manage to keep them or are they the same resolutions every year?

What are you New Years resolutions & have you managed to keep them?

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