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How GAP Insurance Can Protect the Family Car

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

When people take the time to look for new cars for sale, they usually either head to a local dealership to invest in something for the long-term, or they’ll go online and use a comparison service to evaluate car prices against each other. Or, if they’re working to a tight budget and just need an inexpensive, suitable family car, they’ll browse magazines and websites such as, Auto Trader for used car sales that are appropriate for their needs.

Opel Vectra C

Opel Vectra C (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Used cars that are affordable and have been kept in great condition are an excellent option for families from all backgrounds. People can use it to do their daily chores; older teenagers can learn to drive in it and more. But, just like any new car, it needs to be properly protected with the correct type of insurance package. Guaranteed Auto Protection, better known in financial circles as ‘GAP insurance’, is one of the best coverage options available for families that have just purchased a used, smaller vehicle.

Purchasing Effective GAP Insurance

Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance can best be described as the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle minus all perils deductible, if the driver is at fault. GAP also covers the excess amount on a person’s loan if the insurance company does not cover the entire loan. Some companies can insist that people take out GAP insurance before they purchase a vehicle, although it’s usually an entirely optional service when buying a car in regular circumstances.

Whatever people are looking for when they consider heading to used car sales to buy an affordable family car, they should always have considerations such as insurance plans in mind for when they plan out their monthly budget. When they have a solid financial footing in mind for insurance payments, the car itself, tax and other expenses, then they can sit back, relax and enjoy driving around in their fantastic new family car!

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