How Drunk Was Elizabeth May? [VIDEO]

Posted on the 11 May 2015 by Jennifervillamere
I think she was very drunk.
Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May fucked up huge with her tone deaf speech at the annual Ottawa Press Gallery Dinner this weekend:

That's Conservative MP and Transport Minister Lisa Raitt, a member of the "whole fucking cabinet," practically dragging Green off stage at the end.
A few things to note here:
  • She's playing the theme song from Welcome Back, Kotter on her BlackBerry. Did she, like, download that in advance and cue it up? BlackBerry held up to a microphone = one of the saddest tableau vivants of this whole clusterfuck.
  • Current events primer: Despite the Conservative government's efforts to obtain an emergency stay of bail, former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr was released from prison last Thursday in Edmonton. He was one of the prison's youngest inmates, a child soldier who threw a grenade that killed a U.S. Army combat medic in Afghanistan in 2002.
  • May has apologized and explained that she was sleep deprived and recovering from the flu. I find that explanation insulting. I think she is obviously drunk and should admit it. 
  • You have probably been tired before and you have probably recovered from the flu before. Did either of these conditions, or the combination of these conditions, inspire you to dance and sing and swear on stage? Under what conditions have you danced and sung and swore? Was there a shit tonne of alcohol involved?

I thought so.
Drunk Elizabeth May? [VIDEO]

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