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How Can Anyone Oppose Obama's Executive Orders ?

Posted on the 08 January 2016 by Jobsanger
How Can Anyone Oppose Obama's Executive Orders ?
The graphic above tells us exactly what President Obama's executive orders will do? They seem to me to be imminently sensible to me. But the Republicans and NRA nuts are howling loudly. Frankly, I don't understand why.
Do they really think criminals and terrorists (and the dangerously mentally ill) should be able to legally buy a firearm of any type?
Do they really think criminal histories should not be shared between the states?
Do they really not want the gun laws already on the books enforced?
Do they not want better tracking of illegal firearm trafficking?
Why wouldn't they want guns lost or stolen from dealers to be reported to police (since this is a major source of illegal guns)?
How can they be against better access to health care for the mentally ill?
Why would anyone oppose better gun technology to make firearms safer?
The truth is that the Republicans and NRA nuts have no answers to these questions. They know these are perfectly reasonable and constitutional actions. That's why they refuse to answer these questions -- preferring instead to repeat statements that they want to protect the Second Amendment (even though these actions don't violate it), want to protect the right of law-abiding Americans to buy a gun (even though these actions would not prevent that), and want to stop the government from confiscating guns (even though these actions wouldn't take a single gun away from any law-abiding citizen).
In other words, they either change the subject or tell lies instead of answering the questions. The Republicans do it because they think it will get them votes, and the NRA does it to protect their funding from the gun manufacturers. Neither has the safety of the American public in mind.
The American people have repeatedly made it clear they want the holes in the background check law closed. The president has done what he can legally do to accomplish that. It is now time for the people to demand that Congress stop making excuses and finish the job. It is simply inexcusable that terrorists and criminals can easily and legally buy a gun in this country.
How Can Anyone Oppose Obama's Executive Orders ?
NOTE -- We are just a week into 2016, and the Gun Violence Archive reports the following numbers:
Number of gun deaths...............202
Number of gun injuries...............421
Number of children (0-11) killed/injured...............11
Number of teens (12-17) killed/injured...............38
Number of mass shootings...............2
Number of accidental shootings...............39

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