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How Can a Boiler Condensate Pipe Be Thawed?

By Futli @futlim

What is a condensate pipe? In simple terms its a waste pipe that carries condensation from the boiler/appliance to your drain outside Why might the condense pipe freeze? Prolonged periods of extreme cold weather can result in the condensation pipe which runs outside from the boiler to freeze if exposed / incorrectly installed. What will happen if my condense pipe has frozen? The frozen condensation causes a blockage. A sensor within the boiler detects this blockage and shuts down the boiler to avoid expensive water damage. What is condensate? Condensing boilers achieve their high efficiencies by taking as much heat as they can from the boilers flue gases. This causes some of the moisture in the flue gases to condense (cool) and turn from a gas to a liquid (condensate).

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