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By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

cleaning supplies

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Cleaning is such a mundane task. You have to do it over and over again until you die or your house collapses. If it means not having to clean my house, then I welcome both scenarios. Unless you’re rich you know what it’s like to clean your own house. It can be painfully unforgiving to get right. If people notice even the slightest blemish, they’re going to think you’re a slob. The ordinary items mentioned in this list can help you avoid such criticism. Thanks to them there’s no need to buy expensive cleaning products anymore.


Ice Cubes

ice cubes cleaning

Photo by Flickr user Kevin Saff.

Garbage disposals are a tricky spot to clean. Play your cards wrong and you can lose your hand and end up like Captain Hook. If only there was an easy way to clean garbage disposals. As if to answer this prayer and keep our drinks cool, ice cubes were invented. Throw a few ice cubes in the garbage disposal and let them churn. It’s an easy way to clean that which is the devourer of hands. If the thing still smells like a pig sty, then you can throw in some fruit peels as well to combat the smell.


play-doh cleaning

Photo by Flickr user Nolan Williamson.

“D’OH!” is the appropriate response when you drop a glass and break it. Not only have you destroyed a glass, but you’ve also created a mess to deal with. You can either sweep the shards of glass away or you can use play-doh to pick them up; either way you’ll do a good job. To do a fantastic job, sweep the floor first and then use the play-doh to finish the job. This will ensure that tiny pieces of glass don’t remain on the floor. You don’t want your children or pets to walk over them, do you?


bread cleaning

Photo by Flickr user Shimelle Laine.

When you’re done using bread to make sandwiches, let me know. It can be used to serve another purpose. Roll the soft part of the bread into a ball and use it to clean paintings. There’s no need to scrub like you would the floor. Dab gently and all the filth will stick to it and the painting will remain unscathed. If there are any bread crumbs sticking to the canvas then use a soft bristled brush to wipe them off. Using bread slices to clean a painting is ingenious. It’s definitely safer than using a vacuum cleaner on it.

Tennis Ball

tennis ball cleaning

Photo by Flickr user CileSuns92.

Your hopes of becoming a tennis superstar may have died, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use the equipment. You can use a tennis ball to wipe the scuff marks off the floor. That’ll save you the trouble of scrubbing the floor like Cinderella while your evil stepsisters go to the ball. The tennis ball can be used on any surface that has scuff marks on it. Just make sure the tennis ball is brand new or you’ll end up transferring the marks from the ball onto the surface. That’ll really drive your evil stepmother crazy, and even your Fairy Godmother won’t be able to protect you.


ketchup cleaning

Photo by Flickr user c3508359.

Unlike the Queen, you don’t have cleaners who keep your house neat and tidy. Hence, this colossal task falls into your capable hands. If you’re having trouble shining your brass trophies or your musical instruments, then we have a solution for you. Go easy on the ketchup in your sandwich and use it instead to polish your brass items. Once you’re done polishing them, rinse them in water and dry with a cloth. Your brass items will smell savory after this little treatment and you might be tempted to taste them.


microwave cleaning

Photo by Flickr user Nelson Pavlosky.

There’s no point in using the same sponge over and over again. You’re just transferring the bacteria from one place to another. To prevent such an exchange, squeeze the water out of the sponge and heat it in a microwave for a couple of minutes. You shouldn’t microwave your cat, but you can microwave the sponge. Just have the common sense to know which is which.

These items can be found in your house on any given day. The real genius of these items lies in their simplicity. With the help of these items the arduous task of cleaning won’t be such a pain to you anymore.


Author Bio: The author of this article, Leslie Kramer, is a freelance writer who is currently writing for Maid in Melbourne, domestic cleaning service providers. Leslie is passionate about fashion and likes to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

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