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House Tour Updates

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
House tour updates
Yesterday I updated the House Tour page here on the blog. Keeping current photos at the top of a consecutive list gets difficult to organize after awhile. The current ones are at the top but then there might be several old dining room photos followed by a current family room photo and I thought it was visually confusing. I think I organized it a bit better. You might notice some new Louis chairs. I only have that photo at the moment. More comprehensive photos are a few days away. It seems we have the post vacation/back-to-school cold to contend with first. A certain little girl just told me in her best Southern drawl, "I have a lot of sneezin' to do!"
House tour updates
This is a somewhat new painting "Boxed in" that I neglected to post.  I am knee deep in commissions so I only have one other canvas going and its a self-commission but it will be here as soon as I am done.

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