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Hot Guys On TV: An In-Depth Look

Posted on the 17 February 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Came across this, and figured you might find it interesting, mostly because it mentions Eric Northman and hot guys on TV

Hot Guys On TV: An In-Depth LookLincee Ray, a writer with The Huffington Post had this to say…

From time to time, I check in with my social media followers by conducting an unofficial poll about current television. I feel it’s a pretty easy way to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s important when it comes to setting aside precious minutes for those shows worthy of the valuable space on my DVR.

My latest poll asked, “Who are the most attractive guys on current television shows?” I was overwhelmed by the huge response in such a short amount of time. After sifting through hundreds of comments and tweets, my quest resulted in certain truths that I found rather interesting.

Vampires are hot.
People may not know how to spell Ian Somerhalder’s last name, but they sure love his bad boy charm on The Vampire Diaries. Although Damon Salvatore had a multitude of votes, Eric Northman made sure to sink his teeth into the competition too.

Love it! Eric Northman is making an impact. He is ‘glamouring’ so many of us with his hot looks and charming personality.

This poll was something I was unaware of, or we would’ve posted about it on here. But it’s great to see his popularity is catching on!

Although, we’re not surprised that it always seems like he’s up against his nemesis – Damon Salvator from The Vampire Diaries. :roll: Someday…we’re going to win this battle. Yeah, right…who are we kidding? If True Blood was on the CW too…we’re sure this would be one epic battle. Since HBO has relatively fewer subscribers/viewers – it proves just how popular Eric Northman is and we are proud of that fact. GO TEAM ERIC!

I also find it interesting that if you mention ‘hot guys’, ‘poll’, ‘favorite, ‘Eric Northman’ or anything in relation to this topic – how quickly everyone becomes involved. Fans vote, and share it with their friends. Fansites become swarmed with visitors…everyone becomes excited and enthusiastic…just goes to show how bored many of us are! LOL

Is it May yet?

If you would like to find out what else she says – please click here!

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