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Alexzandria Jade Photography

Part ode to these Gothic cross earrings purchased from H&M years ago (for $1.50), and part teaser for next weeks post, I wanted to share this photograph with you. Alexzandria and I shot this months ago. Truth be told I forgot that these photos existed. What I love about shooting with her is how she coaxes beauty out of me...even when it's the very last thing I can see or believe of myself. All my photographers can. 
Some days (months) I feel that the search for my own "beauty" is often a personal pilgrimage of sorts..."is it still there?" "It" being the woman I once hoped to be at this stage of my life; the little girl all grown up and proud. The woman who can smile in the face of adversity and not let the downs of life swallow her whole. The woman who can challenge her ego when it threatens to destroy happiness in the here and now. 
I've searched my face in this photograph for a few days now. I've tried to see the ugly that I feared was there, just behind my eyes. Thank god, thank god...I can't seem to find it. Alexzandria captured hope. The universe knows it's what we could all use a little extra of these days. 
Have a wonderful weekend

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