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Hood Rat Gets Only 4 Years for Killing Man in “knockout Game”

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

The “knockout game” is a new urban phenomenon wherein urban blacks or, as Doug Giles aptly puts it, “demonic hood rats,” randomly attack whites — not to rob people, but just for fun.

The “game” has crossed “the pond” to the UK.

On a busy street in Bournemouth, England, 40-year-old Andrew Young, who had Asperger syndrome, made the mistake of warning Victor Ibitove that riding his bicyle on the pedestrian pavement was dangerous.

Young confronts cyclist

Ibitoye and his girl friend then left.

But Ibitoye’s friend, Lewis Gill, 20, cold-punched Young, knocking him flat onto the ground, violently striking his head.

Gill knocks out Young

Gill, who has a conviction for handling stolen goods as well as robbery, then casually walks away.

Passers-by came to Young’s aid but he died the following day in hospital.

The Daily Mail reports that on Feb. 24, 2014, Gill pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter for which Judge Keith Cutler sentenced him to just four years’ jail. Gill can be out in as little as two years.

Lewis Gill

Lewis Gill

Here’s the shocking video footage:

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