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Honour of Kings - Ancient & American History I

By Upatdawn @lisakeva
Honor of Kings Ancient & American History I Need an Early World & American History ebook curriculum that's non-consumable, chronological, well laid out, easy to use, and reasonably priced for your 1st through 6th graders written with a biblical worldview?  Then check out Honor of Kings!
Covering Ancient History 3932 BC to 1000 BC, Volume 1 begins with Creation and concludes with the Judges of Israel all within 35 chapters.  The American History portion, which covers 1500 to 1776, is presently a very well laid out, extremely detailed, written timeline that can easily be supplemented with books from the library.
Honor of Kings Education Philosophy:

"Our general philosophy of educating children begins with the idea that God is the Creator of all, including the subjects our children learn in school. As an example, Genesis speaks of the created animals. Thus, we study biology. Because God created everything, we believe it is inappropriate to teach any school subjects in a way that excludes the Creator.
We believe that education should be thought-provoking. That is to say, parents achieve their best results when they teach children how to think for themselves rather than simply spoon-feeding them information. Our curriculum does just that through logical thought progression while using activities and exercises to illustrate key points.
We also believe education works best when it is structured, so that children always know what is expected of them and adults have some way to determine success or failure. Structure doesn’t mean learning can’t be enjoyable, but making school “fun” at the expense of structured learning usually doesn’t achieve the best results."

It is suggested that parents read the text to children grades 1st-3rd and follow with the activities together. For grades 4th-6th, this age group should be able to read on their own, complete activities independently and take the end of chapter tests. All grades can review comprehension questions together.  Additionally, activities are easy enough to understand and follow.
My 6th grader enjoyed working on his own throughout the text. Both my 3rd/4th and 6th graders liked the colorful text and end of chapter activities. The text is very well written and encourages the child to really think. We all enjoyed reading the myths from around the world regarding Creation, the flood, and Tower of Babel. These sections helped my children learn why these myths are similar to the Biblical account, but, aren't true. And, how these differing accounts could happen.
To illustrate this we did one of the suggested activities from the book. I had my 6th grader write a short story and read it to my 3rd/4th grader. My 3rd/4th grader in turn told what she remembered to me. I in turn told my 9th grader who in turn told Dad. And, boy - did some of the facts change!!! Amazing how that worked!
This study also includes scientific evidence for a Worldwide flood and plate tectonics with a few experiments as well.
My kids also enjoyed experiencing a day in the life in the cities of Sumer, reading about the post flood inhabitants (descendants of Japeth in Europe & Asia Minor), early civilization in Peru (WOW!), and the mound builders in North America just to name a few.

llustrating how quickly population can grow from one generation from the next.  Starting at the bottom of the table, each row represents one generation . (Adam & Eve)

Illustrating how quickly population can grow from one generation from the next.  Starting at the bottom of the table, each row represents one generation . (Adam & Eve)

Honour of Kings - Ancient & American History I

"Cutting" a tablet to make Sumerian cuneiform

Honour of Kings - Ancient & American History I

Even the Nip Napper can enjoy this activity!

After looking up other Sumerian cuneiform tablets, my 6th grader decided to do his own version.

After following the links in the text and looking up other Sumerian cuneiform tablets, my 6th grader decided to do his own version.

Please look at this study for yourself: Table of Contents & Chapter One
Timeline of Chapters 1-17
Interested in this curriculum?  Author Ellen Gerwitz is giving away 30 copies of the TEST BOOKLET that accompanies this study.  Please email her to request your copy!
I received an ebook version of this curriculum in exchange for an honest review. This post written and property of Homeschool Circus and can be found at:

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