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Honey Pine Nuts Muffins

By Greengirl @GrinGarl

Has it ever happen to you not to find your words to write a blog post? I've been meaning to post about these muffins since last night, but after half an hour of writing and deleting i gave up. Now I feel the same, it seems that no matter what I write makes no sense. I should probably blame the rainy weather or maybe my spinning head and sore throat. Last week I was really happy Spring arrived. My flowers were blooming along the driveway, enjoyed some time in the park with Tiffany, but suddenly everything changed. Started with some wind and then few showers and now is dark and rainy.
Yesterday I did some baking, nothing new I know. I baked some brown sugar cookies, 2 yeast banana breads and honey pine nuts muffins.
Honey pine nuts muffins
I baked in the past using honey and I love baking with honey but in most of the honey baked goods you can hardly tell they it is there. Oh, but these one smell like honey, taste like honey and are addictive.
Honey pine nuts muffins
Honestly, what tempt me to try these was the addition of the pine nuts. I love pine nuts, they are high in (good) fat and nutrients. I like sprinkle some over my salads or even use some in toast bread. 
These muffins are healthy, the honey gives them a fantastic texture, more like a cupcake than a dense muffin, perfect treat in the morning or as a (midnight) snack. 
Honey pine nuts muffins
Next time I'm thinking of adding some pine nuts to the batter itself, giving it a little crunchy bite and maybe, but just maybe, use 1/3 cup sugar instead of 1/2. 
Honey pine nuts muffins
The recipe of these delicious muffins belong to my friend Sara. 
It's a little difficult to write about Sara since I can say I love and hate her in the same time. Sounds confusing, right? If you're following my blog you already know I baked her Cream cheese brioche. Those are not the only ones I baked from her blog. I also made these Cheddar Panini, Garlic Focaccia and lots more.Now you see why I love her, and the hate, well, it all goes back to facing the bathroom scale ... 
Thank You Sara for sharing so many wonderful recipes with all of us. 
You can follow Sara on Twitter and FoodBuzz
Thank you Monet, Carolyn, Wendy, Elisabeth  Lora   Alisha  Sara   Kate  Claudia   Nancy  
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As usual Roxana

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