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Honey Mango Popsicle Recipe for Summer

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

The bright summer arrives with some bright sunny fruits as well - mangoes! There's an indescribable feeling of bliss when you feast on a sweet juicy mango on a hot day, isn't there? A lot of our childhood memories include memories like this too!

However, with today's kids, summer ends up being synonymous with ice creams and Popsicles but the ones you buy from outside are usually loaded with preservatives, added sugar and artificial colors. But that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a chilled treat on a hot and sweltering day! Today, we have just the recipe for such a day - easy and delicious Honey and Mango Popsicles! These are absolutely healthy treats, free from all kinds of artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Honey Mango Popsicle Recipe for Summer


  • 2-3 peeled and chopped mangoes
  • 1 tbsp honey

You will also need a Popsicle mould like this one.


1. Clean, peel & chop the mangoes.

Honey Mango Popsicle Recipe for Summer

2. Blend the mango and honey for 2 minutes. Make sure that it's completely pureed.

Honey Mango Popsicle Recipe for Summer

3. Once done, pour the mango purée into the Popsicle moulds. Cover the moulds and freeze them for 6-7 hours till they are completely solid.

Honey Mango Popsicle Recipe for Summer

4. To unmould, take the moulds out of the freezer and let them sit for 2-3 minutes at room temperature. Gently pull out the Popsicles and serve immediately.

Honey Mango Popsicle Recipe for Summer

There you go, really easy Popsicles ready in a jiffy! If your mangoes are really sweet, you might want to cut down on the honey. Please remember that honey is not suitable for babies under one. You can make these Popsicles out of only mango and offer them to infants; teething babies will love the cold and sweet comfort! You can also make these Popsicles out of any fruit, you can even try mixing different fruits for some colorful Popsicles!

If you and your kids love mango, you might also enjoy our Mango Kulfi, Mango Yogurt and Mango Multigrain Milkshake recipes.


Honey Mango Popsicle Recipe for Summer

Shreya is a post-graduate in Insurance Management from Mumbai. She worked for close to 3 years in the industry before retiring to be homemaker a few years back. She is thoroughly enjoying her new life, especially cooking for her loved ones. She is a foodie and loves experimenting with food, and believes in nourishing oneself the healthy way. You can check out her delicious recipes at

Honey Mango Popsicle Recipe for Summer

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