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Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken & Carrots

By Karenvanzant @KarenVanZant
This is my absolute favorite thing to make for dinner when I don't really have the time to cook. I think regardless of how busy we get, there's always time to make good food, even if you make it ahead of time and just reheat later. I'm sharing this for a few of my friends who are newer to cooking and asked for an easy recipe to begin with. Roasting is great because other than a little prep work, the oven does all the work for you. I used chicken breasts, but of course you can use any bone-in, skin-on pieces of chicken that you like, and really any vegetable will go great in this dish. I used carrots and added a salad to finish the dinner! Also, as far as herbs, I use dried herbs in this recipe and I love Herbes De Provence, it's my favorite to use on chicken dishes. It has an amazing mixture of herbs including Rosemary, Thyme and Marjoram. It can get pricey, and I use it a lot, so I stock up whenever I find it on sale.
What You'll Need:
Bone-in, skin-on chicken pieces
1 16-ounce package baby carrots
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp Herbes De Provence
2-3 tbsp honey
salt & pepper
What to Do:
Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees, and line a baking dish with foil
Rinse the chicken pieces and pat dry with paper towels. It's important to do this so that the chicken skin will get crispy instead of soggy.
Salt and pepper both sides of the chicken pieces, and place them skin side up in the dish. Place the carrots around the chicken in the dish and season with salt and pepper as well. Next, drizzle the olive oil over the chicken and carrots, and then season with the Herbes De Provence.
Place the baking dish on the top rack and roast for 20 minutes. Take the dish out of the oven, stir the carrots, and then drizzle the carrots and the chicken with the honey, using a pastry brush to make sure the chicken is well-coated. The honey will spread easily due to the heat off the chicken. Place the dish back into the oven, and continue roasting for approximately 25 more minutes, or until the juices from the chicken run clear.
Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken & Carrots

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