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Homework in Pre-K!

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
This week, each of my children got a copy of the book "Mouse's First Day of School" to keep.
Homework in Pre-K!
Both of them LOVED this book!
Their homework for the week was all related to the story.
We read the story each day and followed it up with a different activity each night.
Tonight, they each had to do a little journal entry - They were to draw a picture of something the mouse might find in their classroom. After they completed their pictures, I was to write down how they described their drawings. I was impressed to see that both of their responses clearly related to the text. Acacia drew "blocks, crayons, and a drum too." Kyden drew "blocks and crayons."
I do have to admit that this activity was a little easier for Kyden than it was for Acacia. Acacia is great with oral responses, but she still has a little bit of that OCD thing going on so if she feels like she's not able to draw what she wants to draw, she just won't. So I tricked her. Yep, I said it. I tricked my daughter into doing her homework. She's only 3 so I can still get away with stuff like this. I plan to enjoy it while it lasts. How, you ask? Well, I told her I'd help her. I told her she had to hold the colored pencil and I would put my hand over hers to help her draw. I did put my hand over hers while she drew, but I actually didn't do anything more than that. But I let her think I did. Worked like a charm and there were no tears over homework. In fact, she was very proud of her work and so was I. Plus, Acacia has a little more homework than Kyden because she also has her speech homework, so I needed things to go as smoothly as possible in order to get it all finished.
Finally, I had to ask each of them some questions related to the book and record their responses on one of the homework sheets.
My favorite response was to the question, "What do you like to do at school?"
Kyden's response was, "Umm...I just go potty there."
I bet his teacher is just going to love that one!
Homework in Pre-K!

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