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Homecoming – 404 Studio

By Simonettha
Do you wanna feel like a sexy lolita? This is a modern interpretation of that fashinating figure and mood.

“My label started when I was working for a design company. I realized my ideas didn’t fit for them and I started to think that it could be a good idea to try on my own so I did it!My mother was a great support and we started to make it possible. At the beginning the brand’s name was The Knitted Troopers but it was too long and difficult to remind so after a long thinking, 404 Studio was the name we choose. We love the combination of the internet era with the tradition of knitting also is very easy to memorize and pronounce!”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? We wanted to do a “Homecoming” collection for several reasons. We moved again to Valencia, our Hometown and we were going to relaunch the brand with a new name, 404 studio. The whole concept spins around this and Stanley kubrik’s Lolita art. Willing to mix our homecoming with the sensuality, color and shape of a young  spanish Lolita.  What inspires you the most? I think people, art, series and movies. All the collections I’ve created are sourrounded and conceived with art in all levels. I think we all need netflix and chill for some inspiration! Hahaha  How does the place you live in affect your design? it affects a loooot! Spain is a very good country to look for inspiration, we have a very rich folklore and Valencia, the city where I live is full of color and beautiful fabrics and people! There’s a lot of knitting tradition here and it helps me quite a lot with my creations.  What’s the future of fashion according to you? I reckon fashion industry is saturated with images and too much collections. I hope people begin understand the importance of handmade and exclusivity in order to create a fashion industry more diverse and plenty of unique styles.  What’s your next project? Nowadays we’re working in our new collection, that it will be available any time soon so stay tuned!!! Instagram: And don’t forget to follow SO WOW on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Homecoming – 404 StudioHomecoming – 404 StudioHomecoming – 404 StudioHomecoming – 404 StudioHomecoming – 404 StudioHomecoming – 404 Studio
Homecoming – 404 Studio

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