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Home Safety – Hints and Tips

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


Home Safety – Hints and Tips



Each year many accidents in the home could have been prevented by some of the most simplistic of means. There are many things in a home that should be checked and also made sure are working. The first is fire safety in the home.


  1. Always know where your exits are in your home. Then make sure that your equipment such as fire extinguishers are working and in good shape. Always have them checked anywhere from every six months to once a year.
  2. Make sure that your child knows that playing with matches is bad.
  3. Always unplug your appliances when finished with them. Many fires begin in the home from the coffee pot as it is still plugged in even when done being used.
  4. Always make sure you empty your ashtrays; smoldering cigarette butts can be very dangerous


Another deadly thing in the home is electricity. As much as electricity is beneficial and helpful to us as a society and it can also be the most deadly thing to us.


  1. Never overload your sockets. If you have to run a cord or plug under a rug or carpet make sure you use a plastic or rubber flex underneath the rug. A flex is a rounded piece of material which covers the cord and keeps it from ever touching the rug.
  2. This may sound silly but also never take appliances into the bathroom. This sounds like something everyone should know but each year many people die in the bathtub from accidental electrocution because they were watching a small television in or around the bathtub. Make sure to keep electrical items away from water which you are using.
  3. Other simple things to remember are to have all your electrical work done by a professional. Some home fires begin because people wanted to do their own electrical work which resorts in easy shorts in the wires.


There are also other things in which you should remember for home safety.


  1. When cooking, make sure you turn handles around to the inside of the stove.
  2. Be sure to place rugs in areas where people will not be able to trip.
  3. Always place socket covers over wall outlets if you have small children or have small children visit you often.


Finally, always have your cleaning products in cabinets that are up high or if you use lower cabinets then always use a child safe lock to keep the doors closed and locked.

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